Nike Air Max 97 'Just Do It' for Grade School Students

Nike's "Just Do It" collection undergoes a transformation each year, departing from the previous year's elegant gold hang tags and burgundy accents. In its late 2023 release, the collection veers away from enamel cursive dubraes and instead embraces the Nike Air Max 97, incorporating whimsical details inspired by the imagination of an eight-year-old.

Exclusively available in sizes for elementary school children, the Christian Tresser design embraces a playful color scheme, featuring vibrant shades of "Photo Blue" that dominate the fabric upper, quarter, and tongue. In harmony with this recess-ready palette, matching accents can be found on the inner lining and laces.

Nike Air Max 97-just do it

Moving to other elements of the shoe, the full-length leather mudguard is treated with a deep black hue, while the forefoot comes to life with hand-drawn Nike logos and a pair of googly eyes, all in a striking red. Adding to the overall aesthetic, the upper's TPU and the heel's vertical spine showcase a subtle mixture of light grey and "Bright Crimson." Underneath, the outsole is made from entirely recycled grind rubber, completing the design.

Anticipated to hit the market soon, the Nike Air Max 97 "Just Do It" is designed exclusively for grade school students. While we await its official release, we are treated to a glimpse of the pair through a series of intricate photographs in our article above.

Just as we wrote before, Air Jordan 1 Mid will also release a new version for dids with multi-color in 2024 February from 60-120 dollars.