Sean McDowell Shares Nike Air Max Plus for Kids

The Air Max Plus, in its 25th year, has been celebrated by Nike, providing countless opportunities for both loyal and fresh enthusiasts to revel in the sneaker's charm.

As we approach the end of 2023 and the anniversary draws near, Sean McDowell's renowned 1998 design has resurfaced once again, this time in a predominantly "Black" ensemble. While originally intended for children, this version of the pair features a unique twist with its torn patent leather finish, replacing the traditional mesh bases.

In a similar fashion to recent Nike Air Max Plus releases, the unreleased option showcases textile overlays along the sides instead of the usual TPU components. This update revitalizes McDowell's creation, which has often been overshadowed by the more prominent models in the Air Max line.

Kids Nike Air Max Plus midfoot logo

Elsewhere, chrome takes over profile swooshes for a futurist aesthetic. Badges on the top of the tongue and spine, however, deviate in a combination of punchy blue and electric green. Midsoles keep things pitch-dark, with Tuned Air and Air Max bubbles opting for “blackout” makeovers. Detailing across the outsole, however, bring some of the upper’s lime green flair underfoot.

In other areas, chrome dominates profile swooshes to create a futuristic look. However, badges on the tongue and spine stand out in a vibrant mix of bold blue and electric green. The midsoles maintain a pitch-black appearance, with Tuned Air and Air Max bubbles embracing a sleek "blackout" design. On the outsole, though, the lime green accents from the upper add a touch of flair.

Take pleasure in viewing the official images of the Air Max Plus for kids in advance. At this point in time, the brand has not revealed any specific launch information on, but it is anticipated that this will be altered in the beginning of 2024.