Nike Air Max 97 with Full-length Air Bubble

Nike Air Max 97PriceReleaseStyle
- Black/Grey/White/Blue
- women's shoes
- full-length air bubble
- playful comic-style 'Swoosh' on left shoe
- graffiti-inspired 'NIKE' on right shoe
$175early 2024921826-019

The forthcoming Nike Air Max 97 presents a subdued palette of Black, Iron Grey, and Summit White, complemented by a hint of Blue Tint. Externally, it bears a resemblance to the customary Air Max 97 designed by Christian Tresser, showcasing the classic amalgamation of mesh and leather atop the renowned full-length air bubble.

Nevertheless, it distinguishes itself from other 97 iterations through a minute embellishment on the insole.

This new shoe will join the brand's "Swoosh" lineup, featuring insoles adorned with the same "Swoosh!" design seen in other popular Nike sportswear models like the Air Max 95, Air Huarache, and Nike Air Max Plus. The graphics resemble the casual doodles one might find on a high school student's notebook, adding a touch of genuine, unrefined charm.

Nike Air Max 97 toebox/mudguard

Both shoes have unique insoles. On the left shoe, you'll find the word "Swoosh !!!" displayed in a playful comic-style word bubble. The right shoe, on the other hand, showcases "NIKE" written in graffiti-inspired bubble letters. Both shoes also bear a scribbled Nike swoosh, tying them together in style.

Anticipate the release of the Women's exclusive color option in early 2024, accompanied by a projected retail price of $175.