Nike ISPA Mindbody Transitions into Black

Nike ISPA Mindbody Transitions into Black
Nike ISPA MindbodyPriceStyleRelease
Black and Anthracite$265DH7546-0032024

The Nike Mindbody, a divisive addition to the ISPA collection, maintains the distinct unconventional style associated with the experimental sub-brand of Nike.

Departing from its previous inline designs influenced by Suminagashi, a Japanese art form, this silhouette, constructed with Flyknit, now presents a completely new series of creations, with this particular one being the standout in a pitch-black colorway.

Nike Mindbody pitch-black colorway

Connected by a solitary cord system, the forward-thinking scavenging figure is adorned with a completely black design from front to back. The underfoot component, reminiscent of flotation, matches the ink-black shade of the upper and extends to the heel clip and the rubber protector attached to the front of the shoe.

Nike Mindbody ink-black shade

Additionally, the only hint of color is found in the occasional "Anthracite" stitching that adorns the coding system in the middle of the foot.

While we eagerly anticipate more information about the release, take pleasure in exploring the intricate design of the Nike ISPA Mindbody in the captivating colorway of "Black/Anthracite."

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