Nike Vomero 17: Top-notch Running Experience

Nike Vomero 17 Review: Give You Top-notch Running Experience
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The Nike Vomero 17 offers a top-notch running experience with its excellent cushioning and stability. It delivers a well-balanced ride that caters to various types of runs.

Although it may not be as thrilling as other high-end trainers, it truly shines in terms of outsole longevity. Building upon its predecessor, the Vomero 17 boasts an even more comfortable and lively ride, thanks to the elimination of the outdated Zoom airbag, resulting in smoother transitions.

Smoother ride due to the removal of the airbagWarm upper due to the inner sleeve
Lighter than previous versionPrice has increased
Extremely durable outsole
Softer ride
Who should purchase Nike Vomero 17 ?

If you're an avid runner seeking a contemporary and captivating upgrade from the traditional Pegasus, the Vomero 17 is the ideal footwear option. With the inclusion of ZoomX in its midsole, this shoe offers a thrilling and invigorating running experience unlike the monotonous ride of the Pegasus.

Who should not purchase Nike Vomero 17 ?

If you desire a comparable experience to the Pegasus Turbo 2, it would be wise to pass on the Vomero 17. This particular shoe is considerably heavier and lacks the same level of swiftness. Rather than being suitable for speedwork, the Vomero 17 is better suited as a reliable companion for daily training.

Nike Vomero 17 Review

The Vomero series will forever hold a special place in my heart, as the Vomero 3 was the first running shoe I ever purchased. It was back in 2009, and although I was not well-versed in running shoes at the time, I was drawn to its remarkable comfort. Little did I know, it would turn out to be one of my most worthwhile investments.

Before the advent of the Vaporfly, Infinity, and Invincible, the Vomero reigned supreme as the priciest Nike running shoe and the ultimate choice for neutral Nike trainers.

The Vomero, an enhanced and more luxurious iteration of the Pegasus, has always been my preferred choice. I favor its swiftness and contemporary feel, attributed to the inclusion of ZoomX in its midsole - Nike's top-tier racing foam. The Vomero's superiority lies in its versatility, surpassing the Pegasus in both leisurely jogs and high-speed sprints.

Nike Vomero series for sports

The Vomero, part of Nike's performance collection, may not be the ultimate cushioned trainer, but it serves as their top-tier everyday trainer, comparable to NB 1080.

When the Pegasus feels too slender and the Invincible too hefty, this shoe becomes your perfect fit. It serves a similar purpose as the InfinityRN 4 within Nike's collection.

The Vomero underwent a significant transformation this year, marking the release of its 16th version. While the previous update solely focused on the upper, with the only noticeable change being a thicker tongue, this year's update is far more substantial. Interestingly, there was no Vomero update in the preceding year, making this release all the more significant.

The Vomero 17, with a weight of 10.6 oz (300 g), manages to shed off 0.3 oz (8.5 g) when compared to its predecessor, the Vomero 16. What's fascinating is that it achieves this despite having a 6 mm higher stack height in both the heel and forefoot. Furthermore, its price has undergone a $10 increase, now retailing at $160.

Nike  Vomero 17 heel and forefoot

Upon my initial attempt to wear the Vomero 17 in my usual size, I was struck by its excessive length. The sensation was so pronounced that I promptly proceeded to acquire a pair that was half a size smaller. However, upon receiving the smaller pair, I found the toe area to be uncomfortably tight. Ultimately, I concluded that opting for the larger pair was the correct course of action.

I was filled with satisfaction after completing my initial 10 km hill sprints training. The performance of this workout surpassed the previous three attempts, leaving me feeling invigorated and full of energy. What pleased me the most was the absence of a lumpy sensation in the front of my foot, where the airbag used to be. The transitions throughout the run felt incredibly seamless.

It brought to mind the Pegasus Turbo, albeit with reduced midsole compression and an abundance of cushioning depth.

The Pegasus Turbo boasted a dual foam midsole, featuring a top layer of ZoomX and a sturdier layer beneath. While the Peg Turbo didn't fall under the category of maximalist trainers, the Vomero 17 certainly does, with its heel measuring nearly 40 mm in height.

Nike Vomero 17 Upper

The Vomero 17 lacks the luxurious feel of its predecessor, the Vomero 16, primarily due to a slimmer tongue and reduced cushioning in the collar. Furthermore, the inner lining fails to replicate the previous level of softness and smoothness.

The tongue is secured to an inner sleeve, eliminating any chance of it sliding around, while providing a delightful warmth. However, if you tend to have sweaty feet, you may find this upper a tad problematic due to its limited breathability.

The shoe fits accurately, although it does have a slightly longer length compared to the typical running shoe. This may give the initial impression of being too large, but once you start running, the narrow toe-box ensures a perfect fit. To optimize the comfort, I find it works exceptionally well when paired with thick socks.

Nike Vomero 17 Sole Unit

Out of all the Nike trainers released this year, the Vomero 17 stands out as my top choice. Its ride is filled with energy, surpassing the Pegasus 40 & InfinityRN 4, yet it remains incredibly comfortable, even more so than the Invincible Run 3 & Structure 25. The Vomero 17 offers a well-rounded experience, making it a perfect option for daily training.

The initial impact is met with a comforting sink-in sensation thanks to the soft ZoomX layer on top. To prevent the cushioning from reaching its limit, a sturdy layer of Cushlon 3.0 lies beneath. Personally, I would have opted for ReactX instead of Cushlon to enhance the plushness of the ride.

Nike Vomero 17 Sole Unit

The Vomero 17 impresses me with its versatility. It strikes the perfect balance, offering a plush feel for relaxed runs and a firmness that allows for faster paces. While it may not be the ideal choice for racing due to its slight heaviness, it certainly provides ample cushioning to endure a full marathon. Personally, I reserve this shoe for my comfortable and consistent runs in my training rotation.

Since its inception, the Vomero has incorporated Zoom Air in its midsole, which has now become its iconic technology. However, in the 17th version, the absence of forefoot Zoom Air brings about numerous enhancements to the overall experience. The pressurized air bag, known for its firmness, necessitated the surrounding foam to possess a comparable density in order to avoid any protrusion.

The Vomero 17 offers a noticeably gentler ride compared to its recent predecessors, eliminating the sensation of the airbag lump beneath the front of your foot. This enhanced smoothness is further enhanced by the ZoomX technology, which delivers even greater energy return than the airbag.

Nike Vomero 17 Sole Unit

Despite being on the verge of World Athletics' stack height limit (40 mm), the Vomero 17 (39 mm) maintains a remarkably stable ride. The lateral side walls effectively guide your rearfoot and midfoot, giving the sensation that your foot is within the midsole rather than resting on top of it. Additionally, the firm Cushlon 3.0 layer at the midsole's base offers a solid foundation, preventing excessive leaning.

The Vomero outsole is built to withstand even the most explosive impact. It features a robust layer of durable rubber that extends across the entire outsole, except for the central area of the heel. This ensures that you will never have to worry about its longevity. The rearfoot is adorned with a waffle pattern, while the midfoot and forefoot boast a more aggressive pattern that digs into the ground for maximum traction.

After covering a distance of 80 kilometers, my pair of shoes exhibits minimal signs of wear and tear. I am extremely pleased with the exceptional grip they provide on dry surfaces, while their performance on wet surfaces is satisfactory.

The Vomero 17 impressions

The Vomero 17 truly impresses me with its remarkable upgrades, making it one of my all-time favorites. It fulfills all my desired alterations: an enhanced ZoomX feature and the absence of an airbag. Consequently, the Vomero 17 delivers an even more comfortable and seamless running experience compared to its predecessors. Notably, it boasts a significantly higher stack height while maintaining a lighter weight than the Vomero 16, which is truly commendable.

Similar to its predecessors, the Vomero 17 boasts a robust outsole that sets it apart from the competition in terms of durability. This feature, however, does contribute to the shoe's relatively weighty and unwieldy feel. Nevertheless, it remains a reliable and enduring option that can withstand the demands of countless kilometers.

Nike Vomero 17 price

Priced at $160, the Vomero 17 seems a tad excessive. When compared to the Triumph, Glycerin, and MaxRoad, which offer superior cushioning, comfort, and energy return, the Vomero struggles to justify its cost. Ideally, it should be priced at $150.

The Vomero 17 reigns supreme as Nike's top daily trainer in the 2023 running collection. With just a $30 price difference from the Pegasus, it offers a significantly more captivating running experience. Personally, I eagerly anticipate my runs in the Vomero, whereas I can't quite muster the same excitement for the Pegasus.