Scoot Henderson's Second Signature Shoe from Puma

Puma Scoot

Puma recently introduced its latest Scoot Zero footwear model in partnership with NBA player Scoot Henderson. The brand has now revealed the exciting Scoot Zero x Cheetos sneaker, as part of its ongoing collaboration with Frito-Lay's renowned "Flamin' Hot" Cheetos.

The Scoot Zero now comes in a vibrant orange hue, with black details and laces. It showcases the Scoot's iconic "S" logo on the tongue and an extra mini formstrip on the inner heel. The formstrip, along with the neon color scheme and graphic embellishments, were inspired by the fiery motif seen on Cheeto's "Flamin' Hot" packaging.

Puma has partnered with Cheetos for the Puma Scoot Zeros collaboration. In addition to this, Puma will also introduce two more shoe designs, namely the RS-X sneaker and the Cheetos Suede Classic sneaker. Furthermore, they will be launching an apparel collection consisting of eight pieces. This collection features a sherpa and pant set, a hoodie, dazzle shorts, and various graphic tee options, all inspired by Cheetos.

Puma Scoot shoes

Starting from February 16th, you can get your hands on the Puma x Cheetos and Puma Scoot Zeros x Cheetos collaborations. These stylish products, priced between $45 and $115, will be up for grabs at, the Puma app, and the Puma New York flagship store.

In December 2023, Puma introduced the Scoot Zero, a shoe that bears the name of Henderson and is his first signature design. The sneakers were created with the intention of enhancing performance and come with features such as high-rebound Profoam EVA, which ensures durability during extended play. The initial model of the shoe showcases a bold combination of green and pink, known as the "Georgia Peach" colorway, paying homage to Henderson's place of origin, Georgia.

Puma & Cheetos

Puma has just unveiled a new line in collaboration with Lemlem, a sustainable fashion label. The collection, which was launched on Thursday, features a range of items including sneakers, jackets, joggers, bras, tights, bike shorts, leotards, a training jumpsuit, and various accessories such as a classic cap and backpack.