Adizero Takumi Sen 10 Added LightStrike Pro Foam and Redesigned ENERGYRODS 2.0 for Road Racing

Takumi Sen 10 - green

The newest member of the Adizero series receives enhancements in performance technology, such as a dual layer of LIGHTSTRIKE PRO foam and redesigned ENERGYRODS 2.0, which offer both comfort and improved forward thrust.

To enhance the performance over distances of 5-10k, the development of the new model involved testing prototypes in Kenya and Ethiopia. Valuable feedback was gathered from adidas athletes, both male and female, who are considered elite in their field. This information was instrumental in shaping the optimized design of the new model.

Starting from January 1, 2024, you can purchase these running shoes worldwide through various channels such as the adidas app, adidas website, physical stores, and selected retailers.

Introducing the latest addition to adidas' renowned Adizero collection - the Adizero Takumi Sen 10. This new model is designed to cater to the diverse requirements of determined runners, expanding the already impressive lineup of the record-breaking Adizero franchise.

Takumi Sen 10 outsole

The Adizero Takumi Sen 10 by adidas is a clear demonstration of their ongoing commitment to creating cutting-edge products for runners worldwide. This particular shoe is designed with 5-10k distances in mind and incorporates several advancements from its predecessor, the Adizero Takumi Sen 9. Primarily intended for road racing, the improvements made to the midsole offer enhanced agility and cushioning, which are essential for maneuvering through the sharp turns of speedy road races.

Expanding on the advancements made in previous versions of the Takumi Sen family, adidas have introduced the enhanced ENERGYRODS 2.0 in the midsole. These innovative rods are crafted from a blend of recycled glass fibre, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition from heel to toe. In earlier iterations, the Takumi Sen featured a combination of a carbon plate in the heel and separate carbon-infused rods in the forefoot, designed to mimic the natural structure of the metatarsal bones in the feet.

However, in the latest model, adidas have taken a fresh approach by incorporating a holistic arrangement of glass fibre rods that extend from the heel all the way to the toe. To further enhance performance, the company have also included a double layer of LIGHTSTRIKE PRO foam, providing cushioning and propelling you forward with every stride.

Takumi Sen 10 quarter

The arched rod system collaborates with the foam in the middle of the shoe to offer light and rigid support, boosting forward movement when the foot makes contact with the surface and minimizing energy loss during each step. The strategic positioning and form of the rods stabilize the softer foam in the midsole and propel the runner forward. Glass fiber, which is more pliable than carbon, is essential for navigating sharp turns in 5-10K road races and enduring the intense impact of running swiftly on solid terrain.

The Adizero Takumi Sen 10 prototypes were put to the test in Iten, Kenya and Ethiopia, where elite adidas athletes gave their input. Their feedback, particularly regarding the need for improved responsiveness, was taken into account during the development of the new shoe. To ensure optimal performance, the insights from these sessions were carefully implemented. Additionally, the previous version of the shoe, the Adizero Takumi Sen 9, was tested in a lab to gather further feedback from adidas athletes and consumers. By combining all these insights, a new model was created that offers both speed and flexibility without sacrificing cushioning.

run with Takumi Sen 10

"When developing the new Adizero Takumi Sen 10, we wanted to create a shoe specifically designed for the demands of 5-10Ks. Racing these distances on the road has a high impact on the body, which increases when running at high speeds, so runners require a propulsive yet cushioned shoe to support their feet. From a reduced upper construction made from 100% recycled polyester, to a more flexible and lower profile tooling, and increased grip on the outsole for navigating tight corners – every detail of the Adizero Takumi Sen 10 is built for fast road racing." - Moritz Hoellmueller, VP Design Running at adidas

The Adizero Takumi Sen 10, available in a captivating Green Spark color inspired by bioluminescence, already available worldwide starting from January 1, 2024. Both men and women can purchase this exceptional shoe for €180 / $180 through various channels such as the adidas app, online platforms, physical stores, and select retailers.

Takumi Sen 10 road running