Tiger Woods Showed Light and Dark Shoes with Red Soles

Woods red sole shoes

Before concluding his 27-year collaboration with Nike, Tiger Woods had already envisioned his own apparel company in partnership with TaylorMade.

As a tribute to his iconic Sunday tournament attire, Woods named his brand Sun Day Red.

Woods introduced the new line in Los Angeles last Monday, as he hosted and geared up to participate in the Genesis Invitational at Riviera Country Club.

During a discussion with TaylorMade CEO David Abeles, Woods described his partnership with TaylorMade as "symbiotic," implying that it benefits both the endorser and the endorsee.

Woods light/dark shoes

The merchandise will be accessible on SunDayRed.com starting May 1, although it will not be available on TaylorMade's website or through any other retailers.

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Woods remarked that the timing of the launch "couldn't be more perfect," prompting the question: is there ever an inopportune moment for Tiger Woods to introduce a new brand?

Abeles stated that Sun Day Red will debut with offerings for both men and women, with plans to expand into youth apparel in the near future.

Woods' shoes

Big Things Are Coming

The Sun Day Red launch event, alongside the attire Woods showcased at the Genesis, appears to offer a glimpse of what lies ahead, and initial impressions are positive. Woods presented a range of apparel, from subtle sweaters and hoodies to a polo design reminiscent of the shirt he wore during his 1992 professional debut, showcasing a sharp and stylish look from head to toe.

Aside from the street-casual footwear displayed earlier, Sun Day Red seems to have a couple of other styles in the pipeline.

During the Genesis event, Woods provided us with a glimpse of both the light and dark color variations of this timeless spiked footwear. Notably, both pairs showcase a striking red sole.

Woods' shirt

It remains to be confirmed whether the red soles will evolve into another signature element of the brand; only time will reveal their fate.

Tiger Woods didn't provide more details about the sneakers. But following his practice round on Tuesday, he mentioned the need for a single adjustment.