Travis Scott Gave His Nike Sharkidon to A Fan

If you have the fortune of being present at a live Travis Scott performance and happen to be standing close to the stage, you may find yourself receiving some complimentary items directly from the artist.

This generous act was witnessed in Chicago during his rendition of "Lost Forever", when he noticed a fan flawlessly rapping along with the song.

Upon exchanging the microphone with a youthful attendee at the concert, he bestowed upon him the footwear adorning his feet – a pair of his cherished Nike Shark-A-Don (also known as Nike Sharkidon) sneakers.

Travis Scott

Following this act of generosity, he earnestly urged the recipient to refrain from seeking monetary gain. In the videos shared via the Twitter handle @TRAVISONTOUR, La Flame conveyed a resolute message:

"Don’t sell my shoes man. They’re my favorite pair of shoes, so don’t sell them."

Introducing the Nike Shark-A-Don, a fresh addition to the Cactus Jack lineup. This innovative silhouette combines the renowned midsole of the Nike Zoom Spiridon with a bold mid-foot strap and an unexpected Swoosh placement. Meanwhile, the Jordan Jumpman Jack, another creation by Travis Scott, stays true to his distinctive style with the iconic reverse Swoosh.

Limited information is currently available about the Nike Shark-A-Don, but its anticipated launch is scheduled for 2024.