Nike Metcon 8 for Crossfit and Weight Training

Nike Metcon 8PriceReleaseStyleRetailer
Crossfit and Weight Training$103YesDO9328-101Nike

The Nike Metcon 8 is a remarkable shoe designed exclusively for crossfit and weight training. With its sturdy base, seamless transitions, and grounded sensation, it offers an exceptional experience.

Sturdy baseAlmost too stiff a sole
Stiff heel counterA little too flat bottomed
Great visual appearance
Weigh340 g
Price$103 (after 20% off)
Heel drop4 mm
SizeBuy half size bigger
Heel fitTight
Midfoot fitNormal
Toebox fitNormal
Cushioning amountMedium
Sports TypeHIIT/Crossfit; Weight Lifting/Strength Training
Nike Metcon 8 upper mesh fabric

The Metcon 8 is designed for individuals who are actively engaged in gym activities. While it is suitable for those who engage in strength training and heavy lifting, its true potential is realized in the crossfit arena. The shoe is particularly well-suited for individuals who constantly move and remain active throughout their workouts.

In my perspective, I would advise against choosing this shoe for individuals who are new to crossfit or weight training. It is my belief that this shoe is better suited for athletes seeking performance. If incorporating running into your workout routine is part of your plan, I would not recommend using this particular shoe.

The Nike Metcon 8 caters to athletes in the crossfit and weightlifting realm, offering a strict performance shoe. Moreover, it is safe to assume that seasoned competitors in this field would find great satisfaction in this footwear.

Crafted with the same intention as the Reebok Nano, TYR trainer, and Born Primitive Savage, this shoe is meticulously engineered for the purpose of excelling in box jumping, rope climbs, split squats, and deadlifting.

Priced at $140 (current price is $103 after 20% in Nike online store), this shoe goes above and beyond the norm for a standard training shoe. It offers impressive overlays that securely hold your foot in position, exceptional grip for smooth transitions and climbing, and a visually appealing design that appeals to nearly everyone.

The enhanced breathability and comfortably structured fit of the previous design are achieved through the utilization of a lighter upper mesh fabric.

The Nike React foam provides a buoyant yet supportive sensation, ensuring enduring comfort throughout your entire exercise session.

Nike Metcon 8 toebox

As I unveiled the box, my eyes were instantly captivated. The combination of the shoe's sleek upper and the abundant ruggedness of the rubber infused within it evoked an immense feeling of joy within me.

Upon donning the footwear for the initial time, it swiftly became apparent that a period of adjustment was required. The sensation was one of heftiness and rigidity, yet after participating in several workout sessions, they gradually transformed into a state of pleasantness and became more pliable.

The initial training session consisted of wall handstands and box jumps. These shoes proved to be exceptional in those activities due to their extensive range of rubber materials that ensured a secure grip, as well as a sturdy foundation that allowed for powerful landings and quick recoveries.

They excel in various domains, seamlessly conforming to different areas. The narrower toebox ensures that your foot remains firmly positioned during all types of movements. The heel counter effectively secures your heel, providing a reassuring grip. When it comes to training, this shoe offers exceptional comfort.

The Metcon 8 does not perform well as a running shoe.

Their design, with an extremely flat sole, clearly indicates their sole purpose for workouts. While they may be suitable for quick bursts of activity or other exercises, they are not meant for genuine running.

These shoes showcase their excellence in crosstraining and HIIT workouts. Their sturdy flat foundation and traction-filled sole enable your movements to flow effortlessly and seamlessly.

The presence of a hyperlift plate beneath the heel ensures stability during the descent from a muscle up or box jump.

Nike Metcon 8 heel/sole

In terms of weight training, these shoes are suitable, although they are primarily designed for crossfit. However, they are still effective for weight training.

Lifting shoes typically feature an elevated and rigid heel, designed to enhance stability and provide assistance during deadlifts and squats. Unlike specialized "lifting" footwear, these shoes incorporate cushioning and maintain a minimal 4mm differential between the heel and toe.

In terms of dance, these shoes prove to be ineffective. As mentioned earlier, they are cumbersome and lacking in arch support. Though they do possess sole grooves for flexibility, their limited range of motion hinders agility.

I would likely choose a different trainer, even if I saw someone wearing these in the gym.

Having used these shoes for several workouts, I've come to the realization that they are designed for athletes at an elite level. Considering their price and characteristics, they may not be advantageous for the average individual who frequents the gym.

Nike Metcon 8 laces

From my perspective, the metcon 8 shoes are not designed for anything besides cross-training.

The shoes were meticulously crafted with the athlete's performance in mind. Much like a marathon shoe with carbon plating is tailored for racing rather than leisurely strolls down grocery aisles.

I found the Nike Metcon 8 to be a highly enjoyable experience overall and would confidently recommend them to any athlete who is prepared to put them to good use.

While I might not recommend these shoes to my mother or a beginner at the gym, they are undeniably exceptional for the seasoned cross trainer.

In its eighth iteration, this shoe has undergone significant improvements and enhancements thanks to Nike's diligent efforts in incorporating feedback from rivals. The brand has effectively propelled this shoe forward within the industry.

For all crossfit athletes and competitors out there, I can't think of a more perfect shoe for you.