Under Armour FUTR X ELITE: the Future of Basketball Footwear


Under Armour considers the FUTR X ELITE as the future of basketball footwear, featuring their latest technologies. While its new knit upper is intriguing, other components are familiar from previous UA models, suggesting potential for further innovation in the "future of basketball footwear".

Another noteworthy element of the shoe isn't related to its technological advancements but rather its design. The Under Armour FUTR X ELITE introduces a distinctive feature: a spacious, accommodating toebox reminiscent of barefoot shoes. This unconventional choice raises questions, particularly regarding its suitability for a basketball shoe. While a wide toe box facilitating toe splaying might benefit runners and gym-goers, its effectiveness in a basketball context remains to be seen. Let's delve into its performance.

The traction of the Under Armour FUTR X ELITE excels, leveraging the renowned Flow technology seen in other UA shoes. Similar to the Curry 9, its multidirectional coverage ensures superb grip on clean indoor surfaces, providing one of the most reliable traction setups available.

While Flow technology offers impressive traction, it's not without drawbacks. Debris accumulation is a common issue, leading to reduced grip on dusty surfaces. Additionally, its outdoor durability is limited, as the lack of traditional rubber makes it prone to quick wear and tear on abrasive surfaces like blacktop courts.

UA FUTR X ELITE sole units

The cushioning in the Under Armour FUTR X ELITE remains consistent with previous models featuring Flow technology. It's dense, reactive, and offers ample court feel, providing a fluid ride. While the foam slab is thicker in this model, performance-wise, there's little deviation from the norm.

Flow is tailored for agile players seeking speed, reactivity, and stability rather than substantial impact protection or plush compression. If you prioritize those features, this cushioning system may not meet your needs.

UA FUTR X ELITE side overlays

This marks the most significant innovation in the shoe. Under Armour introduces its new IntelliKnit fabric for the upper, offering softness, lightness, and exceptional breathability. Through this construction, the brand can adjust specific areas of the upper's tightness or looseness to cater to performance requirements.

There's zero break-in period needed, ensuring immediate comfort, and no notable weaknesses in containment, a common issue with fully textile constructions. However, there's a slight concern regarding the forefoot width.

Due to its wider toe box enabling toe splaying, you might experience a slight loss in reaction time during play. While toe splaying promotes stability and foot health off the court, it can hinder performance in sports requiring rapid changes in speed and direction. This issue is exacerbated by the more open weave in the forefoot area.

The FUTR X offers elite support, boasting a wide and stable base coupled with the stable Flow cushioning system. Additionally, it incorporates a TPU shank plate that extends into the forefoot, providing exceptional torsional rigidity and doubling as a spring plate, enhancing your agility and energy return on the court.

The FUTR X incorporates a robust internal heel counter and a generously padded, contoured internal heel region, ensuring a secure and locked-in feel. Known for their stability, Under Armour shoes with Flow technology maintain their reputation in the FUTR X, making it one of the standout models in this regard.

While the Under Armour FUTR X ELITE generally fits true to size, due to its forgiving textile upper and wide forefoot, opting for half a size down is recommended for a snug fit. Trying them on in-store is the best way to gauge the perfect fit.


The Under Armour FUTR X ELITE stands out as a unique basketball shoe, offering top-notch traction, responsive cushioning, and excellent support and containment. However, its fit may be divisive, making it less than optimal for some users' performance preferences.

One potential solution could be trying a half size down, although some may still prefer their regular size due to the unique build. Regardless, the IntelliKnit technology is impressive, and its potential application in future Under Armour footwear is exciting.

  • Price: $150
  • Style & Color:
  • Usage:
    • indoor basketball
  • Constructions and Features:
    • UA IntelliKnit upper is breathable & comfortable with dynamic compression for stretch & support where needed
    • Bootie design for superior fit, comfort & security
    • 3D-molded heel counter locks the heel in place
    • Built-in Pebax® shank for midfoot stability
    • Molded sockliner for increased underfoot comfort
    • UA Flow cushioning technology is super-light, bouncy & provides insane grip
    • Durable UA Flow outsole provides better court feel so you can cut & stop/start faster than ever before
    • Weight: 11.7 oz
    • True to size