Adidas Adizero Adios 8 with Lightstrike 2.0 Foam

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Lightstrike 2.0 Foam$91YesID6902adidas

The Adidas Adizero Adios 8 is a nimble footwear option ideal for swift training sessions and competitive races. Though it may lack the same bounce as the Adidas Adios Pro 3, the brand's carbon-plated shoes, they excel at seamlessly melding with your feet, providing an exceptional experience during your speedy strides.

LightweightLaces can become untied
Smooth, fast rideSlightly long
Great outsole gripLow durability
Very breathable upper

For those seeking an alternative to carbon plated shoes, this exceptional footwear is perfect for swift workouts or races of shorter distances (less than 10k). If you desire a shoe that enhances your stride and motivates you to increase your speed, this is the ideal choice for you.

If you desire a shoe that offers responsive energy, reliable support, and satisfactory cushioning, then this particular shoe may not meet your requirements. Likewise, if you seek a shoe that can endure over 250 miles of usage, I cannot guarantee that this shoe will fulfill that expectation, nor can it serve as your daily training shoe.

Adidas adizero Adios 8 forefoot

Before the surge in popularity of carbon-plated footwear, the Adios stood as Adidas's top-tier racing shoe. This particular shoe is a member of the Adizero collection, which encompasses Adidas's range of lightweight shoes designed to enhance the speed of runners during both training and races. So the Adios 8 can be called a pair of good running shoes.

At present, this particular shoe holds its position within the Adizero collection as a lightweight option for speed training and racing purposes. It incorporates Lightstrike 2.0 foam in the heel and midfoot sections, while the forefoot area utilizes Lightstrike Pro foam.

In addition, it incorporates three plastic rods within the midsole to enhance forward motion.

The construction of this shoe resembles that of the Adizero Boston 12, albeit with a reduced stack height. In contrast, the Adios 8 offers a softer feel compared to the Takumi Sen, which exclusively utilizes the Lightstrike Pro material.

This year's release of shoes sheds almost an ounce from the Adios 7, with a significant portion of the weight reduction achieved by diminishing the amount of materials used in the upper section.

A lingering concern with the Adios 7 was its slight elongation in fit, and this matter persists with the current iteration.

The current cost remains steady at $130, approximately 50% less than the Adios Pro 3 with carbon plates.

Adidas adizero Adios 8 on grass land

Upon opening the box and grasping the shoe, a sense of its weightlessness immediately caught my attention. Yet, as I ventured to try them on, I discovered that slipping into these shoes was not a simple task.

Attempting to slip my feet into the shoes proved to be a challenging task due to their incredibly slim upper. However, once I managed to squeeze them on, I eagerly took them for a rigorous interval workout on a rubber track.

My feet rejoiced in the delightful sensation of the rods in the midsole propelling me forward. Throughout the scorching mid-morning workout, enduring the sweltering humidity, the shoes provided enduring comfort for over 8 miles.

The primary issue I encountered was that the shoelaces would come undone easily, unless I tied them with a double knot.

adizero Adios 8 upper

The upper portion of the shoe truly enhances its light and airy sensation. Constructed with a transparent mesh material, it offers ample breathability throughout your running session.

Constructed from delicate material and affixed, the tongue is a slender component. The laces, both flat and weightless, necessitate a double knot to maintain their fastened state during your jogging session.

Adidas adizero Adios 8 tongue

The overall fit of the heel is satisfactory. While I understand that certain individuals may need to adjust their laces for a snugger fit, I personally did not encounter any problems in this regard.

The fit suited me perfectly too. Although the shoe was slightly longer than my usual size 9, it didn't cause any discomfort. If you're purchasing this item online, I recommend sticking to your regular size, but be aware that you might need to go half a size down.

Last year's edition received a complaint about its narrowness, but I personally did not share that sentiment. In fact, I perceived the forefoot area to be slightly wider than expected.

I believe that individuals with slender feet may encounter difficulties with the breadth of this particular footwear.

Another point to consider about the suitability of the fit, which may only be relevant to a select few who are reading this evaluation.

Can this shoe be worn without socks, you may wonder. Allow me to address this inquiry: it is not advisable. The shoe harbors numerous areas of discomfort, particularly at the arch. Therefore, it is recommended to wear your thinnest socks.

adizero Adios 8 Sole Units

The Adios 8 incorporates both Lightstrike Pro and Lightstrike 2.0 technologies in its midsole, aiming to provide a blend of lightweight cushioning and a responsive toe-off experience.

The Energytorsion Rod 2.0, a plastic component within the midsole, adds a touch of bounce to the toe-off. With a heel height of 28mm and a forefoot height of 20mm, there is an 8mm differential.

The sensation of gliding forward is undeniably achieved through the perfect fusion of the cushion and rods.

The level of cushioning in this shoe falls somewhere in the middle, not overly plush but not overly firm either. In terms of comfort, it generally provides a satisfactory experience for about an hour and a half. Beyond that point, your legs may start to crave additional support and a touch of extra softness.

The shoe's outsole features a slender layer of Continental rubber, which provides excellent traction for navigating sharp corners at high speeds and performs admirably on slippery surfaces.

After covering a distance of 50 miles, I have observed a noticeable wear pattern on the outsole, making me uncertain about its durability for future miles.

Adidas adizero Adios 8 sole units

The Adios 8 is an exceptional option for runners seeking a lightweight trainer and racer to incorporate into their routine. With its remarkable lightness and seamless ride, it is undeniably a valuable addition.

You can sense the forward thrust provided by the shoe's design.

The primary source of my worries stems from the possibility of encountering durability problems and the constant need to re-tie the laces.

This particular shoe is suitable for races of various lengths, specifically those that are 10 kilometers or less. Even if you are an experienced half marathoner who completes the race in under 1 hour and 30 minutes, this shoe could still be an option for you. However, if you are aiming for that kind of speed, you might want to consider a carbon-plated shoe like the Adios Pro 3.

The value offered by this shoe is exceptional, making it a great choice for training and sparing the wear and tear on your pricier carbon-plated shoe.