Most Popular Adidas Runnings Shoes

Most Popular Adidas Runnings Shoes on feet

For years, Adidas has been renowned for crafting top-notch running shoes. Whether it's the revolutionary Boost foam, the versatile Ultraboost, the high-performance Adizero line, the innovative 4D series, or any other model they offer, this German brand is synonymous with creating footwear that caters to every runner's needs.

So the question comes, which styles of Adidas running shoes are the most popular?

Adidas secured its position in the footwear and athletic attire sectors by remaining faithful to the core values that inspired its founder, Adi Dassler, almost a century ago: attentively heeding to athletes and crafting products that cater to their requirements. Dassler established a shoe enterprise in Herzogenaurach, Germany in 1924, and swiftly achieved his initial triumphs with running shoes; Lina Radke claimed a gold medal at the 1928 Olympics donning his footwear, as did Jesse Owens in 1936.

Adidas revolutionized the fashion industry by introducing iconic clothing and footwear pieces, such as the track suit and Stan Smith sneakers. They also spearheaded groundbreaking advancements in running technology, such as the pioneering integration of a tracking computer within a shoe.

Throughout its history, this product has undergone several iterations. In 2013, Boost foam was introduced, a cushioning material that offers superior durability and energy return compared to standard EVA foam. Then, in 2018, Tailored Fiber Placement was unveiled with the Solar Boost. This innovative design method meticulously places each fiber of the upper, resulting in a remarkably snug fit.

No matter which shoe you choose, be confident that athletes worldwide rely on Adidas footwear to achieve their peak performance. Take a look at a selection of our preferred options below:

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3 - Silver Metallic
Lighter and less 'slappy' than previous modelTight laces can create 'hotspots' on top of foot
Fantastic energy returnNot for those who want a squishy or bouncy super shoe
Firm and responsive

If the number of major race wins is a reliable indicator of a shoe's quality, then the Adizero Adios Pro has proven itself since its initial release. However, the newest iteration, the Adizero Adios Pro 3.0, has taken this success to new heights. While remaining incredibly fast, this version has made a significant change by replacing the full length carbon plate in the midsole with five energy rods that mimic the structure of the foot's metatarsal bones. This alteration not only reduces the shoe's weight and eliminates the 'slappy' feeling, but it also provides added stability to counterbalance the highly responsive Lightstrike foam.

According to Adidas offcial website, its price is $250 currently and there are two colorways available.

Adidas Ultraboost Light - Cloud White
Supremely comfortableCould be lighter
Locked-in fit
Great all-rounder

The ultraboost, a long-standing member of adidas' running shoe collection, is a versatile option for those seeking a shoe that can handle any distance from 5k to a marathon. Its latest iteration, known as the Ultraboost Light, is notably lighter than its predecessors due to the incorporation of the innovative 'Light Boost' midsole technology. Additionally, the redesigned sole, engineered with Linear Energy Point (LEP), works in harmony with the new Boost midsole to ensure a seamless transition from heel to midfoot to toe-off. The upper of the Ultraboost Light utilizes the beloved primeknit material, which has been slightly modified to maintain its lightweight, soft, and snug fit. With ample cushioning and a secure lockdown, this shoe is an excellent choice for leisurely and comfortable runs.

According to Adidas official website, the current price is £170, and there are 16 colors for you to choose.

Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 9 - Lucid Blue
Cheaper than a traditional super shoeNot for those who prefer more cushioning
Lightweight and responsive
Ideal for those who like a racing flat

In a departure from the norm, the Adizero Takumi Sen 9 embraces its proven track record while adopting a more minimalistic approach. These shoes are designed to excel in races ranging from 5k to half marathons, although they can also handle full marathons if you prefer a flatter shoe that offers a greater connection to the ground compared to the Adizero pro 3's higher stack height.

Notably, British runner Emile Cairess, hailing from Bradford, crossed the finish line first among his compatriots at the London Marathon 2023 while sporting a pair of the Takumi Sen 9s. These shoes feature Lightening Strike foam, energy rods, and a lightweight upper, all of which contribute to their precise and nimble feel. However, if you are a larger runner or accustomed to a more leisurely pace, you may desire a shoe with more cushioning for longer races.

From adidas online store, we can know that there are 5 colorways for you to choose, and the price is £170.

Adidas Adizero Adios 8 - Cloud White
Suitable for training and race dayYou prefer more cushioning
Plenty of room in the forefoot
Cheaper than a traditional super shoe

The Adios 8 serves as a cost-effective alternative to carbon plate racing shoes, offering a closer-to-the-ground experience. This latest version is both lighter and more cushioned, boasting a slightly roomier forefoot to accommodate your toes. If you prefer a shoe that adheres to the traditional racing flat design while still offering responsiveness, the Adidas Adios 8 will surely impress. Although lacking a carbon plate, it compensates with 'energy torsion rods' that deliver a similar propulsion. The Lightstrike midsole strikes a balance between softness and support, ensuring comfort across various speeds and distances. Whether you're training or racing, the Adios 8 is a reliable choice.

Through Adidas online store, we can see that there are 4 colours available currently, and the currently price is £120.

Adidas Adizero Boston 12 mudguard and heel

The Boston shoe aims to provide runners with a sense of racing during their mid-to-long distance training sessions. Despite the lackluster reception of the 10th and 11th editions by our testers, the 12th iteration brought about a significant improvement.

The sensation beneath your feet is noticeably gentler, largely due to the inclusion of the lightweight 2.0 material in the heel area. Despite remaining firm, there is a distinct sense of energy return, making the Boston 12 an excellent choice for those preparing for a speedy half marathon or marathon. This shoe truly excels during tempo-paced training sessions.

According to adidas offcial online store, its current price is £140. And there are 10 colours available for you to choose.

Adidas Adizero SL - pink and blue version
Feels great at hard tempo/race paceOn the narrow side (size up)
Snappy yet peppy ride
Affordable race shoe

Yes, it's true. The Adizero SL is a top-tier running shoe that comes at a more affordable price. It incorporates advanced technology from the Adizero range, such as the Lightstrike Pro foam and Lightstrike EVA midsole, all while being significantly cheaper. While it may not feature a carbon plate like some may prefer for achieving personal bests, it is an excellent choice for runners seeking to elevate their training. This lightweight and highly responsive shoe is perfect for intense tempo and interval sessions.

The testers discovered that the Lightstrike Pro foam located in the front part of the shoe assisted them in moving forward and gave them a strong, quick push-off, while the midsole, despite being lightweight, gave a steady yet energetic ride. It is important to keep in mind that these shoes, similar to other shoes in the Adizero collection, run narrow, so it is recommended to choose a larger size.

According to Adidas offcial online store, its current price is £71.50, and there are 11 colours available for you to choose.

Adidas Terrex Speed Ultra - Core Black / Matte Silver / Solar Red
Nicely cushionedNot suitable for really technical trails
Surprisingly lightweight
Copes well on most surfaces

Adidas Terrex, a division of Adidas dedicated to off-road footwear, enlisted the expertise of Tom Evans, a successful British runner, in the creation of their latest shoe. Evans, who has experienced numerous victories while wearing this shoe, played a significant role in its development. While primarily designed for rugged trails, our testers were impressed by its adaptability, noting that it felt equally comfortable and suitable for both road and trail running.

For those seeking speed and agility on the trails, this trail shoe offers a swift and nimble experience. It owes its swift nature to the combination of a Boost TPU compound midsole and Lightstrike EVA cushioning. Additionally, its sleek appearance and outstanding traction make it an exceptional choice. Overall, this trail shoe is truly remarkable for those who desire a fast and lightweight trail experience.

According to adidas online store, its currently price is £160, and there are 2 colors available for you to choose.

The shoes listed above are our top picks for Adidas running shoes and have been thoroughly tested by our team. However, we understand that preferences vary from person to person. If you have any new insights or opinions that you'd like to share with us, please don't hesitate to share your post with us.