Under Armour Velociti 3: Tech Specs and Performance

UA Velociti 3 on feet

The UA Velociti 3 shoes are designed with a focus on speed, offering a lightweight and dynamic experience. While the most recent version incorporates certain alterations, the core intention of the shoe remains unchanged.

This shoe is highly valuable for individuals who are new to running or those who only engage in short distance runnings.

This shoe may not meet the expectations of long-distance runners in certain aspects. I would also discourage runners with wider feet from choosing this shoe due to its narrow design.

Under Armour's Velociti line has an intriguing history. With some online research, I managed to locate the initial Speedform Velociti. Subsequently, the HOVR Velociti 2 and Flow Velociti Wind 2 were introduced. However, UA has now opted for a smart move by streamlining and merging everything under the Velociti 3.

This shoe, which falls under the category of a daily trainer, has a neutral design and offers a medium level of cushioning. The price of this year's model is $130, which is a noticeable decrease from the previous year's version priced at $160. In my opinion, considering how well the shoe performs, I find the current price to be reasonable and wouldn't justify paying a higher amount.

UA made another alteration by shifting from the WARP upper to a more pliable knit upper. While I am not familiar with the WARP design, I will delve into the details of the knit upper in due course.

If you're not convinced by the design and features of the Velociti 3, you can easily upgrade to the Flow Velociti Elite. This exceptional shoe costs $250, includes a carbon plate, and is 1.5 oz lighter than the Velociti 3.

The Asics Noosa Tri 15 is another option to consider if you're looking for something besides UA. It offers similar features, comes at a similar price, and is designed for those who prefer faster workouts and runs.

UA Velociti 3 toebox

The Velociti 3 is a stylish and attention-grabbing shoe that offers a variety of appealing color combinations. Whether you prefer vibrant or more subdued hues, there is a choice that suits your taste.

For my initial try with the Velociti 3, I decided to go for a 5k run. Immediately, I noticed that the FLOW midsole had a lot of energy to it. Since it had recently rained, I was curious to see how the outsole without rubber would hold up. To my astonishment, they provided excellent traction and I didn't encounter any slipping. The knitted upper felt comfortable and provided good support.

The Velociti 3 boasts a heel-toe drop of 8mm, with the heel measuring 30mm in height and the toe measuring 22mm. It weighs a total of 8.8 oz.

UA Velociti 3 upper

When discussing the upper's fit, I found it to be quite slim, even for those with narrow feet. This is something to keep in mind when assessing the Velociti 3. Additionally, due to its narrow construction, the shoe felt a bit short. Going up half a size could have potentially offered more comfort, but the size I tried did not restrict my feet in any way.

The tongue and lacing mechanism functioned effectively in securing my foot. These shoes are simple to lace up, and I appreciated the consistency in the fit every time I tied them. The padding on the tongue contributed to the comfort on the upper part of my foot. I observed that the tongue is wider compared to other shoes, providing more coverage. Although this aspect had no particular impact, I did not encounter any problems with the tongue sliding down or shifting from side to side.

UA has opted to switch from WARP technology to a more versatile knitted material in their latest version. WARP, which consisted of a thinner nylon material with tape overlays, aimed to keep your foot in place and prevent any undesired shifting. Personally, I found the knit material to be just as effective in preventing movement and I particularly enjoyed the black/white design.

I would like to address two minor issues regarding the knitted upper that deserve attention.

UA claims that this material allows for easy airflow, but I must disagree. I would liken the upper to wearing a cozy sweater. While it may be fine in cooler temperatures, it may cause your feet to perspire in hotter climates.

Similarly, as one would anticipate, they retain a significant amount of moisture when exposed to water.

UA Velociti 3 outsole

The Velociti 3s by Under Armour feature the innovative FLOW midsole technology. FLOW is a unified foam material that offers both comfort and durability, ensuring a responsive cushioning experience. These shoes feel pleasantly soft when you first wear them, especially during shorter runs. However, as you increase your distance, the Velociti 3s may lose their optimal performance and fit.

In my experience, the padding provided is sufficient for runs lasting up to an hour. They truly excel during 5k and 5 mile runs when maintaining a faster pace. The advantages for these distances lie in their lightweight design and agile performance.

For those who go on lengthy runs, the midsole may seem less supportive compared to other shoes designed for daily use. However, this is not meant as a critique of the shoe, but rather an observation to take into account for those seeking a shoe suitable for longer distances.

The FLOW technology in these shoes provided a smooth and effortless experience during my high-speed runs. The absence of rubber on the outsole was a pleasant surprise, as it gave me an extra boost during interval workouts without the sound of footsteps. It remains to be seen how long the outsole will hold up, but so far, I have been impressed with its durability.

I was also taken aback by how well the outsole performed. It had excellent traction on both sidewalk and blacktop, and even in rainy weather, the FLOW technology provided a secure grip on these surfaces.

UA Velociti 3 midsole

And did this shoe meet the expectations set by Under Armour? Was it able to maintain its lightweight, rubber-free, and long-lasting qualities?

Is it my belief that a running shoe designed for speed really exists? Absolutely!

I found immense pleasure in the diversity and refreshing alteration they added to my exercise routine.

The Velociti 3 from Under Armour is a reliable shoe for individuals who are new to running or for runners seeking a shoe designed specifically for track, speed workouts, or shorter distance training and racing.

You'll find immense satisfaction by embracing these specific environments.

  • Price: $130 (UnderArmour)
  • Style: 3026117
    • Black / Sky Blue / Red Solstice
    • Black
    • Black / White
    • Black / Formula Orange / Beta
    • Black / Mod Gray / Metallic Silver
    • White / Halo Gray / Black 
    • High Vis Yellow / Anthracite / White
    • Team Royal / Mystic Magenta / Lime Yellow
    • Deep Red / Black / Olive Tint
    • Deep Red / Black / Olive Tint
  • Usage:
    • daily training
    • track training
    • speed training
    • short distance running
  • Constructions & Features:
    • Comfortable flat knit upper delivers zonal dynamic stretch, containment and breathability
    • Reinforced heel construction with added foam for enhanced lockdown and security
    • Winged tongue added foam
    • EVA sockliner adds extra bounce and resiliency
    • Softer, lighter one-piece Flow midsole
    • Flow technology eliminates the rubber outsole
    • Outsole pattern is super-durable and grippy
UA Velociti 3 quarter