Adidas AE 1 'Coral' in Flamingo Pink by Anthony Edwards

Adidas AE1PriceReleaseStyle
- flamingo pink
- nubuck vamp
- ventilated sidewalls

After a successful initial release that cleverly poked fun at Nike's popular athletes and paid homage to the 90s era that made them famous, Anthony Edwards' first-ever signature shoe with adidas quickly sold out within a few hours.

Looking ahead to 2024, Ant-Man has exciting plans to further expand his collection of AE1s, starting with the newly unveiled "Coral" design.

Adidas AE 1 'Coral' - ventilated sidewalls

Taking away the "With Love" color options, the newest design replicates a lively color scheme that will surely be in high demand among young basketball players who appreciate a matching footwear. By utilizing different textures on the upper, the flamingo pink color is presented in two distinct shades. A softer pastel version covers the nubuck vamp and the ventilated sidewalls, while a more intense hue is showcased on the knit tongue, collar, and carbon fiber heel counter. Additionally, the shoe's rare branding elements are emphasized with dark contrasting colors.

Anticipated to hit shelves in 2024, the adidas AE 1 "Coral" is generating considerable buzz. Although specific information on its release is still pending, a sneak peek of the pair can be enjoyed through a series of intricate visuals.