adidas AE 1 Deserves to be the Top Choice for Basketball Players

adidas AE 1 toebox

Anthony Edwards, the star player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, has teamed up with adidas to create his very own signature shoe, the adidas AE 1. This highly anticipated release has generated a lot of excitement in the sneaker world, and it's no surprise why. Not only is it considered one of the top basketball shoes of the year, but it's also highly regarded as one of the best basketball shoes on the market overall.

The shoe possesses a distinct and divisive style and is equipped with several high-performance features from adidas, such as the comprehensive Jetboost cushioning. Furthermore, it is available for a very affordable price of $120, which is quite commendable. However, let's not jump the gun and explore what sets this shoe apart.

adidas AE 1 outsole

The AE 1 offers a straightforward traction system that is expected to excel on indoor floors. Its outsole is made of translucent rubber, featuring a bold herringbone traction design that covers the entire length and width. The rubber used by adidas for this shoe provides exceptional grip, allowing players to dominate the court effortlessly.

It takes a while for the shoe to become comfortable and it tends to collect dust, so remember that. However, after spending about an hour wearing the shoe and regularly cleaning the sole, you should not encounter any problems. It is not suitable for outdoor activities, but as long as you only use the AE 1 for playing basketball indoors, you will have excellent traction.

The adidas AE 1 incorporates a unique combination of Lightstrike and Boost (specifically Jetboost) in its cushioning system. However, the Lightstrike component is not visibly or tangibly present, and surprisingly, this is not a drawback. Despite its low-top design, the cushioning system maintains a satisfactory level of compression and impact absorption.

adidas AE 1 quarter

One reason for this is because Boost is amazing, and the outsole's wavy shape and numerous cutouts enable the cushioning to flex as you move. The Boost is enclosed within the shoe and comes with a spring plate that covers the entire length, making it responsive for cushioning. While it leans towards being reactive, it still provides ample impact protection for most basketball players.

The AE 1 materials may be unconventional, not of high quality, and somewhat bulky, but they are inventive and focused on delivering results. The shoe's upper features a honeycomb-shaped TPU component that provides both strength and superb support, while also being flexible enough to adapt effortlessly to the shape of your foot.

The upper of this shoe, in the black areas (in this particular color scheme), is made of a smooth fabric and has a construction that resembles a sock. Despite its appearance as a mid-top shoe, it is actually a low-top. Additionally, there is no need to worry about difficulty in putting it on because the tongue is partially attached, and the shoe is well-ventilated due to the highly perforated textile underneath the honeycomb pattern. Overall, this design and construction are of excellent quality.

The shoe does have a slight downside, as it feels a little heavier at the bottom and takes a bit longer than usual to fully adapt to your foot(what we usually call the break-in time). In the initial stages, the flex area in the front can cause some discomfort, so it's important to take note of that.

adidas AE 1 heel counter

The shoe's support is definitely a standout feature. Firstly, it has a wide base that offers ample contact with the court and a stable cushioning system. Additionally, the TPU wrap provides excellent lateral containment. The adidas AE 1 also features the brand's X Frame spring plate and both internal and external heel counters.

The torsional plate, shaped like an X, spans the entire length of the shoe and provides significant rigidity while giving a pleasant bounce to your step. The heel counters effectively keep your heel secure, and the shoe's interior is skillfully designed, ensuring excellent lockdown in this area.

adidas AE 1 laces

In terms of minor flaws, you may notice that the shoe runs a tad large and the black laces are quite slippery, causing them to frequently come untied. However, the AE 1 does include an extra pair of laces that are slightly rougher in texture and are more effective at staying securely tied.

As previously stated, the AE 1 maintains its accurate sizing, although it is slightly lengthier than typical shoes. If you prefer a more snug fit, you may consider going down half a size. However, most basketball players will find their regular size to be suitable.

adidas is experiencing a comeback in the world of performance basketball. The Harden Vol 7 was exceptional, the Trae Young 3 was highly impressive, and now we have the AE 1, a top-of-the-line basketball shoe and an outstanding first signature shoe. The AE 1 has the potential to be the ultimate basketball shoe of 2024, but even if it falls short of that title, it still remains an exceptional choice.

adidas AE 1 upper

The shoe is somewhat weighty and has a slightly larger fit, but overall, it will be difficult to find a better option, especially when you factor in the shoe's affordable price of $120. If the unconventional design doesn't bother you and you're eager to get your hands on a quality pair of adidas basketball shoes for playing, the AE 1 should definitely be your top choice.

  • Price: $120
  • Style:
    • IF1860 - Arctic Fusion / Core Black / Cloud White
    • IF1859 - Acid Orange / Core Black / Acid Red
  • Usage:
    • play basketball indoor
  • Constructions & Features:
    • Regular fit
    • Lace closure
    • Textile upper
    • BOOST midsole
    • Rubber outsole
adidas AE 1 quarter