Anthony Edwards Takes Adidas Basketball Business Into a New Era

Anthony Edwards

Adidas has Anthony Edwards. With just him, Adidas could still potentially lead in basketball shoes. It could maintain this position for years to come.

The guard from Minnesota Timberwolves is 22 years old. He has transitioned from being a rising star to a superstar in his fourth NBA season. People are likening him to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. This is not only due to his performance, but also his style of play.

The player is known as "Ant-Man." He effortlessly floats in the air and easily shakes off defenders. He has incorporated MJ's famous fadeaway into his playing style. Ant-Man is also well-known for his constant trash talking. His grin can be nearly sinister. He has demonstrated no fear when confronting seasoned players in the league.

Edwards also has his own exceptional shoe, the AE 1. It has rapidly gained critical acclaim as one of the best debut signature shoes in the game's history. Possibly, only Mike's shoe outranks it.

The event took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, on March 18. Talen Horton-Tucker, number 5 from Utah Jazz, was looking to pass. Anthony Edwards, number 5 from Minnesota Timberwolves, was his opponent. The game was in its second half at the Delta Center. Alex Goodlett of Getty Images captured this moment in a photo.

“We know what his ceiling is. It’s pretty high, if there is one. He’s skyrocketing. You can’t really forecast that, but you knew he had something, from the personality standpoint, the athletic standpoint, his overall game [and] just being himself. He feels like a part of us — it doesn’t feel like a different athlete from a different brand.”

- Eric Wise, global general manager of Adidas Basketball
James Harden

Adidas' roster extends beyond Edwards. The basketball team has granted James Harden his eighth signature shoe. This shoe has reenergized his line and elevated it. A unifying design language links these two shoes. They were the most desired in the NBA for the 2023-2024 season. New models for Damian Lillard and Donovan Mitchell are also upcoming.

Candace Parker retired, causing some to think Adidas was losing its key advantage in the expanding women's game. However, last month, Adidas declared that she would become the president of Women's Basketball. As a legendary player and a Gen Z role model, Parker has good prospects for growing that part of the business. She should be able to find a worthy successor as Adidas' next female signature athlete.

Candace Parker

Wise has openly stated that Adidas Basketball needed to reset before entering this new era. He says the recent popularity of the brand's shoes is due to a focus on performance. In essence, innovation decides a shoe's performance, as well as its look.

This could lead to another golden era of basketball shoes. Today's releases have a futuristic and unique feel, much like those from the early 2000s.

Adidas Basketball's brand leaders have mentioned that they are aware of the momentum. However, they plan to focus on their current path instead of overcompensating due to the initial results. Wise stated this is just the start of their future plans. They are set to release more double-digit AE sneakers and other surprises.

“We’re in the forever game. It’s not like a short-term thing.”

- Wise

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