Adidas Crazyflight is The Best Selling Volleyball Shoe


Adidas may not be renowned as a specialized volleyball shoe manufacturer, however, its Crazyflight model has remained among the top-selling volleyball shoes for an extended period. Initially, they were available solely in women's sizes. Even though I could have purchased a larger size by 1.5, sourcing those was indeed challenging.

Not too long ago, adidas expanded the Crazyflight range to include men's sizes. Continue reading to delve into my review of one of the market's most sought after volleyball shoes.

To start off with, there is a spoiler alert, but it's crucial because it influences the entire review. I typically perform an extensive test on each shoe before writing a review. Although the shoes initially feel excellent, their performance might improve or decline as they adjust to the feet. This is one of the reasons why it might take a while for new reviews to be published.

I didn't put the adidas Crazyflight through a long-winded test. Candidly speaking, my feet, knees, and back found it difficult to tolerate. I'll expound more on this in the 'cons' section of my review, but simply put, the cushioning offered by the adidas Crazyflight doesn't quite measure up to the requirements of a volleyball shoe.

The most disappointing impact protection I've ever experienced was with the adidas Stabil Next Gen, hence they aren't reviewed yet. They will certainly have their standalone post eventually. The Crazyflight falls a close second. Nevertheless, I still managed to spend some play time in them, considering their popularity in the sport.

Bear in mind, as you continue reading, that these shoes underwent a shorter testing period than my usual routine.

Advantages of Crazyflight

Crazyflight outsole

Traction & Outsoles

Having addressed the aforementioned caveats, let's speak of their strong points!

Adidas has accomplished designing a decent volleyball shoe overall. Traction undeniably remains a paramount aspect in any court shoe and it's satisfactory in these.

I evaluated them on wooden, plastic courts, and notably dusty surfaces, where the Crazyflight demonstrated a commendable grip. They particularly managed dust very well, ensuring adherence without collecting an unnecessary amount of residue.

Lateral Stability

The experience of lateral movement in the Crazyflight was excellent. The foot remained secure in the footbed, providing highly responsive propulsion, which might be excessively responsive for some. With the overall sneaker being quite lightweight, it's noteworthy how effectively the upper part manages to secure your foot. The lacing system is rather basic yet quite effective.

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Feelings on the court

Crazyflight toebox

The most substantial advantage of a layout like the Crazyflight lies in its court sensation. Possibly, there could be no other shoe providing a superior court feel. The flexibility of the shoe makes heel-toe transitions during your approach seamless, and the sensation of being close to the ground is truly remarkable.

This aspect significantly presents both pros and cons, which we'll discuss soon, but it's undeniable that Adidas has created a shoe that offers a tactile court experience when you maneuver around.

Disadvantages of Crazyflight

Foam & Cushion

Okay, let's get started. I'm uncertain what Adidas' strategy is here. Adidas has an outstanding lineup of cushioning technologies–like Lightstrike 2.0, Lightstrike Pro, Jetboost, and so on.

Although some of these technologies are primarily applied in running shoes, they can be innovatively incorporated into court sports shoes.

The Crazyflights incorporate a Boost midsole, which, on paper, appears to be a good choice. However, in reality, it's extremely thin. When I land, I can feel the foam of the shoe reaching its compression limit.

Technically, the shoe is highly responsive, as the foam compresses considerably when I plant my feet to leap, essentially rendering a solid surface to take off from. This characteristic is excellent for attaining high jumps.

However, it's not as effective in protecting you from the impact during both the take-off and the landing. The thinness beneath the ball of your foot when you touch the ground to push off is too extreme. More foam is visibly present under the heel of the shoe, yet it's still insufficient.

Crazyflight upper

I believe the popularity of this shoe can be attributed to two factors:

  • Certain individuals, being smaller or younger, may not compress the foam to its limit.
  • Some individuals are highly accustomed to subpar footwear selections, resulting in their joints becoming adapted. Alternatively, they may simply be unaware that superior options are available.

To provide some context, given that I asserted most people would compress the foam in these shoes entirely, my weight is slightly over 200 lbs. While I understand this isn't considered lightweight, it's also not exceptionally heavy, especially in a sport where numerous participants are tall.

If you possess even a moderate jump height or weigh more than extremely minimal, the Crazyflight's Boost midsole simply won't suffice.

Summary & Conclusions

The adidas Crazyflight appears to be a well-established choice in the realm of volleyball. Nonetheless, I firmly believe that adidas is capable of delivering a more superior product. They nailed almost everything except for the cushioning aspect.

However, considering that volleyball involves maximum jumps at every scoring opportunity, it's too crucial a facet to overlook.

My assessment of this shoe is somewhat unusual because, while it performs well in many areas, the poor rating for cushioning pulls down its overall score, resulting in a pretty average total.

If you're a libero, these shoes could suit your needs, provided you're not overly concerned about cushioning (although superior alternatives exist if you're not particular about that feature).

For any other position, I believe the importance of cushioning for the long-term health of your knees and mobility cannot be overlooked.

Crazyflight overlay

User Reviews

Esther: Had my first game back last night and the Crazyflight trainers provided great support, comfort and so much bounce on landing. I have woken up without any ankle or knee pain which is incredible. I would recommend these to anyone playing indoor court sports.

Chloe28: Great fit and support. Comfortable enough to wear through long practices and a full day of tournaments.

Solsun: Crazy flights are some of the best volleyball shoes. Soles stay grippy and they have just enough cushion without feeling spongy.

Poppy69: Bought these for my daughter, she coaches for an Adidas volleyball club. Unfortunately the coaches don’t get shoes, so they are on their own. She absolutely loves them, she says they are not only nice looking, but comfortable as well.

Luvie49: After being on my feet for 10 hours, when I get home, I want and need something completely comfortable on my feet and these shoes fit the bill PERFECTLY. I most definitely will be ordering again. Thanks a million Adidas. I'm a very, very, very happy customer.

NikKnack: I like that these shoes have room for my toes. I don’t have any pain like I experienced with other brands. The cushioning around the back is great too.

Crazyflight heel
  • Product: Adidas Crazyflight
  • Price: $140 ($112 after discount for women)
  • Colors & Styles:
    • HP3338: Cloud White / Silver Metallic / Grey Two
    • HP3339: Lucid Pink / Cloud White / Flash Aqua
    • IG3968: Cloud White / Aurora Met. / Bright Red
    • IG3969: Ice Blue / Cloud White / Bright Red
  • Usage:
    • volleyball
  • Other Features:
    • Regular fit
    • Lace closure
    • Lightweight mesh upper
    • Breathable feel
    • BOOST midsole
    • TPU midfoot reinforcement
    • Top Grip rubber outsole
    • Upper contains a minimum of 50% recycled content
    • Imported
Crazyflight midsole
Crazyflight toebox
Crazyflight heel