Adidas Wonder Runner Pro with LightStrike 2.0 Foam

Adidas Wonder Runner Pro quarter

adidas didn't hold back in their response to Nike as their CEO received the Shoe Of The Year award from Footwear News.

With the shoe that originally earned the brand its title hailing from the mid-20th Century, it may seem surprising to claim that adidas has something impressive in store. However, the newly unveiled Wonder Runner Pro is just one of the exciting offerings in the brand's revamped arsenal under the Future Of Style initiative, which aims to propel adidas forward in its mission for 2024.

Adidas Wonder Runner Pro toebox

The Wonder Runner Pro is an innovative shoe style that merges the futuristic qualities of 2000s tech runners with a design philosophy aimed at resonating with the Gen Z population and their fast-paced and slightly rebellious "Y3K" culture. This term, coined by the brand, captures the essence of this demographic.

Adidas Wonder Runner Pro sole units

Additionally, the shoe's foundation is inspired by Akira, a renowned anime from the late 1980s that delved into the intricate connection between machines and humanity.

Adidas Wonder Runner Pro heel

The mecha-inspired look of the shoe is most notable in its heel construction. The design is bold and exaggerated, yet maintains a lightweight feel with its skeletal structure. To ensure maximum comfort, the shoe combines the renowned adiPrene+ cushioning platform with the new and improved LightStrike 2.0 foam. The rubber traction extends from the heel to the mid-foot, and the overall base is wider than that of a traditional running shoe.

Adidas Wonder Runner Pro heel cushioning

adidas has introduced the highly anticipated Wonder Runner Pro, showcasing their innovative design skills. With a sleek and understated branding approach, top-notch materials, and an exceptional debut color option, this release has truly caught our attention. We can't wait to see what adidas has in store for us in 2024, so keep an eye out for updates.

Adidas Wonder Runner Pro - black
N/A2024North AmericaID3658
Adidas Wonder Runner Pro - Grey
N/A2024North AmericaID3657
Adidas Wonder Runner Pro - Silver/White
N/A2024North AmericaID3659
Adidas Wonder Runner Pro - Light Pink
N/A2024North AmericaIF1704
Adidas Wonder Runner Pro - Silver/White/Grey
N/A2024North AmericaID3670
Adidas Wonder Runner Pro - Green/Blue/Black
N/A2024North AmericaIF1654
Adidas Wonder Runner Pro - Black/White/Grey
N/A2024North AmericaID3669
Adidas Wonder Runner Pro - Pink/Grey
N/A2024North AmericaIF1705
Adidas Wonder Runner Pro - Grey/Black/Olive/Pink
N/A2024North AmericaID3671