Asics Magic Speed 3 for Track Training and Racing

Magic Speed 3 toebox/mudguard

The ASICS Magic Speed 3 is a wallet-friendly option for your workouts and race days. It boasts a lightweight design and excellent responsiveness. These shoes are solely dedicated to speed.

The ASICS Magic Speed 3 is designed for speedy occasions, whether it's a training session or a competitive race. Additionally, it provides ample midsole cushioning to safeguard your feet during long distance runs.

The shoe's design does not prioritize comfortable running due to the stiffness of the carbon fiber plate, which may cause some discomfort, particularly in the forefoot/toe region.

If you happen to believe that the shoe provides a bouncy ride, I must inform you that it does not. Additionally, the midsection of the shoe is slightly constricted, which may pose stability problems for individuals with wider feet.

Magic Speed 3 heel

The ASICS Magic Speed 3 is a shoe with a carbon plate that is light in weight. It is suitable for both speed and track workouts, and can also be worn on race day.

The shoe could be considered as a fusion of the ASICS Novablast 3 and the METASPEED shoes.

Utilizing the identical midsole component, FF Blast+, found in the Novablast 3, this shoe incorporates the upper design from the METASPEED Sky/Edge.

If you're looking to save money on buying the METASPEED Sky or Edge, this could be a worthwhile alternative.

Magic Speed 3 midsole

Upon unboxing, I was astounded by the shoes' formidable rigidity.

Visually, the colors were quite appealing. Upon wearing them, I immediately sensed the forceful presence of the carbon fiber plate, particularly in the front area of my feet.

On my initial test with these shoes, I embarked on a seven-mile run at different speeds. I noticed that the shoes did not provide a springy sensation, but rather offered a more reactive experience.

Magic Speed 3 upper

ASICS refers to the upper part of the shoe as the MOTION WRAP, which is constructed using a highly breathable and thin material made from approximately 50% recycled materials. The upper material is well-constructed and features meticulous stitching on the outer layer of the shoe. I observed that the toe box provided ample space for my toes to expand during both landing and takeoff.

I discovered that the lacing system was quite ordinary. The tongue, although slim, is surprisingly gentle, particularly on the underside. Additionally, it features two tiny cushions on the top to safeguard your feet while you tie your shoes.

Magic Speed 3 heel counter

The ankle and heel are embraced by a well-fitted heel counter, offering adequate comfort without excessive cushioning. The absence of a pull tab may present a challenge when attempting to slide the shoes on, as the heel is rigid.

In general, I found the upper's lockdown to be quite comfortable for my feet. I experienced no concerns regarding the shoe's stability while running.

Magic Speed 3 carbon plate outsole

The bread and butter of the shoe is the sole unit of Magic Speed 3.

The midsole of the shoe incorporates two layers of FFBlast+: one on the upper side and one on the lower side. In contrast, the previous version of the shoe only featured FFBlast+ on the upper layer. Between these layers of FFBlast+, there is a carbon fiber plate that spans the entire length of the midsole.

The front part of the shoe is designed to be highly forceful and assertive. This, along with the 7mm difference in height between the heel and toe, as well as the curved shape in the front, greatly enhances the shoe's ability to help you pick up speed and move swiftly.

Despite its reputation for being bouncy and cushioned, the FFBlast+ does not deliver the same sensation when paired with the Magic Speed 3 due to the inclusion of a carbon fiber plate. Instead, the ride feels more like a smooth and seamless propulsion.

The ASICSGRIP is utilized for the outsole, covering a large portion of the forefoot and the sides. In the center of the outsole, there is a cutout that reveals the carbon fiber plate, reducing the overall weight.

The grip was impressive, allowing me to run without any hesitation and feel secure on both the pavement and dirt.

Running in this particular shoe is quite enjoyable, particularly during faster runs. I have discovered a comfortable rhythm when running at or above tempo pace.

Magic Speed 3 quarter

The ASICS Magic Speed 3 is a truly remarkable shoe for me.

Having FFBlast+ on the midsole layers had me expecting a certain level of springiness, but I was pleasantly surprised by how the plate and shoe design compensated for it.

The shoe provides great propulsion, particularly when you increase your speed. I have used it for various types of runs, including intervals, tempo runs, and even a 5k race, and it has met all of my expectations.

For just $160, this shoe is an incredible bargain! Plus, its outsole is so durable that it will last for a long time and cover plenty of distance for you.

Is it possible to run a full marathon while wearing them, you may wonder? Well, you can definitely conquer a half marathon with the shoes. A full marathon? It's possible, but I believe there are more favorable alternatives available.

  • Price: $160
  • Style: 1011B703.400
  • Color: Illusion Blue/Glow Yellow
  • Usage:
    • long distance running
    • track training
    • racing
    • speed training
  • Constructions & Features:
    • heel drop: 7 mm
    • weight: 220 g/7.8 oz
    • support: neutral
    • cushion: extra
    • MOTION WRAP™ upper improves breathability
    • sockliner produced with the solution dyeing process to reduce 33% water usage and 45% carbon emissions
    • FF BLAST™ PLUS midsole cushioning to provide lightweight impact absorption and a responsive rebound
    • 50% upper material is made with recycled materials
    • full-length carbon plate
    • ASICS®GRIP™ rubber outsole to improve traction
Magic Speed 3 on feet