Salomon Thundercross: Trail Shoes for All Types of Terrain

Salomon Thundercross on feet

Running in the Salomon Thundercross is an absolute thrill. The name itself is incredibly cool, right? This shoe excels on all types of terrain and its appearance is simply stunning. And let's not forget about the price, it's unbeatable. Salomon always manages to exceed my expectations!

This shoe is an excellent option if you want a highly adaptable trail shoe that won't break the bank like most trail shoes priced at almost $200. It's perfect for both short and long distances and can handle different types of terrain. If you're a runner who doesn't own many trail shoes and only needs one pair, these are the ones for you. They can be used for racing and training all year round.

This is quite challenging. In my opinion, this footwear has the potential to suit a wide range of individuals. It is suitable for different distances and can be used on various surfaces. However, I would not recommend using them on extremely rocky terrain. Although they provide some level of protection, there are other trail shoes available that offer greater protection.

Salomon Thundercross toebox/outsole

The Salomon Thundercross is a versatile trail shoe that is ready for any situation you may encounter on the trail. Its exceptional design, comfort, and traction make it a standout choice. I may have a preference for Salomon's products, but I have yet to come across a pair of their trail shoes that I didn't enjoy, and the Thundercross is no exception.

The shoe boasts 5mm lugs that provide excellent traction on any terrain. Although I didn't have the chance to try them on snowy trails, I believe they would excel in such conditions. These shoes offer maximum cushioning, ensuring a comfortable and stable experience during long runs across different landscapes.

Salomon's price point for this trail shoe is $140 ($105 currently after discount), which aligns with the standard cost for such footwear. Considering its features and long-lasting nature, I concur with the price they have set.

These trail shoes have a 4mm drop, which is something I really appreciate. Personally, I find that shoes with a lower drop make me feel more stable. The stack height in the forefoot is 27.2mm, while the heel has a stack height of 31mm.

You'll be pleasantly surprised by the weight of these shoes in relation to the level of protection they provide. They weigh 10.2 oz. (290 g) for a US M9 and 9.0 oz. (256 g) for a US W7.5.

The shoes are accurately sized and are available in a range of colors that harmonize well together.

Salomon Thundercross midsole

For a decade now, I've relied on Salomon trail shoes as my constant companions for trail running. I confess, I'm a devoted fan.

Undoubtedly, the most cherished aspect of Salomon trail shoes is their ingenious Quicklace system. It's simply brilliant.

As soon as you slip your feet into these shoes, you'll immediately feel the Energy Foam midsole. It's incredibly cushioned, yet provides a noticeable boost to your stride. Moreover, you'll appreciate the ideal fit and comfort of the width and upper. You can even wear thicker socks without any concern of your toes feeling cramped. Even during longer runs when your feet tend to expand, there's ample space for your toes to spread out and breathe.

In the beginning, I tried out these shoes on a basic dirt track where I couldn't really put them to the test. However, when I took them onto more challenging trails with mud, rocks, hills, and steep descents, I understood why many others who have reviewed this shoe appreciate them. Although my longest run in them was only 10 miles on rough terrain, I would definitely consider using them for a longer trail run or race that didn't involve muddy conditions.

The upper materials are synthetic and not suited for dirty trails, but they still get the job done. These shoes are light and speedy. If I had a trail race tomorrow, I would definitely pick these. I can easily navigate obstacles with them.

I brimmed with confidence as I raced down the slopes, effortlessly maintaining my speed and skillfully navigating through the rugged terrain.

Salomon also offers the Ultra Glide 2, a shoe that lives up to expectations. When you slip them on, you'll notice a familiar feel in the midsole. These shoes are designed with extra cushioning, making them perfect for long-distance runs like marathons and ultra races.

I believe that the Contagrip lugs, measuring 5 mm, add a certain advantage to the shoe that sets it apart and makes it a champion. These lugs reach all the way to the shoe's edge and are adequately spaced, preventing them from getting clogged with mud or debris.

In my mind, I am always confident that they will provide me with the necessary grip on any trail. The outsole of this shoe is nearly the same as the highly sought-after Speedcross 6. However, upon researching the shoe, you will discover the distinctions between the two.

The midsole of the Speedcross has a sturdy feel, whereas the Thundercross offers a more cushioned sensation.

Salomon Thundercross sole units

The level of protection is commendable and I don't have any significant complaints. However, if I were to identify a minor flaw, it would be the toe bumper. It's slightly too pliable, lacking the necessary firmness. Moreover, there is no rock plate incorporated. I've experienced stubbing my toe on a rock while wearing them, although it has only happened once, it was still a memorable incident.

If you're in need of a durable shoe with a strong toe bumper that performs well in muddy conditions, the Salomon Speedcross is an excellent option.

The upper of the shoe provides excellent defense and has a streamlined appearance. There are few parts of the footwear that could get caught on a branch or root. The upper is crafted from a silky mesh fabric with rubber overlays, which enhance safeguarding around the toe area and the shoe's sides.

When searching for a new pair of shoes, many individuals prioritize durability. This is particularly important given the high price range, typically between $100 and $200, for most shoes on the market. It is essential to feel that you are getting a good return on your investment. Personally, I have already covered more than 70 miles of running and hiking with these shoes, and remarkably, there are no noticeable signs of wear and tear.

I can confidently wear this shoe for long distances without any concerns about its durability.

If I had to pick one pair of trail shoes from my collection for a timed training run or a race, these would be it. I can effortlessly slip them on and trust that they will carry me swiftly through the forest, ensuring I reach the finish line with my best time.

I didn't experience any slipping while moving from various surfaces, except for when I encountered the thick, muddy terrain. In such circumstances, no shoe would have been able to provide sufficient traction. As it is currently autumn in my location, I haven't had the opportunity to test them on snowy ground.

I believe they would perform effectively in snowy conditions and they provide a slight warmth, so I don't see any reason why they wouldn't excel.

Salomon Thundercross upper

Prepare to be pleasantly amazed by the comfort and fit of the Thundercross. Right from the moment you take them out of the box, you'll notice that they require no breaking in. This is thanks to the Sensifit technology incorporated into the upper, which provides a secure and comfortable foothold. The support offered is exactly what you need, exactly where you need it.

The Sensifit feature stretches across the middle of the foot and incorporates loops for the well-known Quicklaces. The Quicklace system is truly remarkable, as it remains secure even after numerous miles of use.

The Energy Foam wedge in the midsole provides a significant level of comfort, resulting in the mentioned stack height.

Are you searching for a shoe that will provide you with the assurance to conquer any type of terrain while ensuring your feet stay comfortable and snug? Look no more and invest in a pair of the Salomon Thubdercross. These shoes offer a combination of strength and excellent traction. They are also lightweight and allow for easy acceleration.

This shoe may not boast any extravagant features, but it does provide long-lasting durability and a secure, comfortable fit that will keep you content for hours on end.

  • Price: $140 ($105 after discount for certain styles)
  • Styles & Colors:
    • Carbon / Tahitian Tide / Peacock Blue
    • Safari / Sulphur Spring / Black
    • Black / Quiet Shade / Fiery Coral
    • Heather / India Ink / Shocking Orange
    • Plum Kitten / Black / Pink Glo
    • Surf The Web / Black / Fiery Coral
  • Usage:
    • Trail (all types of terrain; short/long distance)
    • Racing / Training
    • Speed training
    • Marathon trail
  • Constructions & Features:
    • True to size
    • Heel drop: 4mm (27.2mm / 31mm)
    • Maximum Cushioning
    • Weight: 290g
    • Lug Depth: 5mm
    • Quicklace System
    • Lining: textile
    • Inlay sole: textile
    • Outsole: rubber
    • Upper: Synthetic / Textile
Salomon Thundercross lace guard