Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2 for Various Running Styles

Wave Rebellion Flash 2 on feet

The Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2 is undoubtedly a super shoe. It combines the race-day sensation with long-lasting durability.

For those seeking a versatile shoe capable of handling various tasks, the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2 stands out as a quality choice.

Do you deserve Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2?

With $170 USD retail price, the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2 offers the versatility to train and race. You don't need to break the bank compared to other super shoes like the Adidas Prime X Strung or the Nike Alphafly.

If you're a heel striker, the truncated heel geometry of this shoe might pose a challenge. It may not be the best choice for your running style.

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2 Brief Introduction

The Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2 is inspired by the Wave Rebellion Pro 1. It represents a redesigned "super" training shoe compared to its predecessor.

The Wave Flash 2 serves as a versatile option for both training sessions and potential race days. It offers value without the higher cost of the Wave Rebellion Pro series or other race-specific shoes.

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2 Running Experience

Wave Rebellion Flash 2 heel

Upon unboxing, the abundance of midsole was striking. The unique geometry urged midfoot engagement upon trying them on, which emphasized their design intent.

Due to the rear cutout on midsole, attempting to lean back on your heel may evoke a sensation akin to teetering off a precipice.

During my first run, I covered 17 miles at a steady pace. The irritation began halfway through the run. It was on the top of my right lateral toes.

My first impressions of the midsole ride were tested by running on both my midfoot and forefoot. I wanted to see if there was any difference in feel between the two.

Indeed, both strides yielded distinct sensations underfoot.

In summary, I eagerly anticipated logging more miles in the shoe and exploring its performance in different scenarios.

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2 Upper/Vamp

Wave Rebellion Flash 2 laces/upper

The Wave Rebellion Flash 2 features a lightweight and breathable engineered mesh upper. Additionally, the upper is translucent, adding to its race day aesthetics.

The outer layer of the shoe includes structural designs that provide support to the upper. In terms of fit, the shoe feels true to size. There are no noticeable issues of being too snug or loose.

During my initial run in the shoe, I experienced some irritation in the toe box area. Because my right lateral toes rubbed against the inner layer mesh material.

Since then, I've had to tape up my toes to prevent any hot spots or blisters from occurring.

The shoe lacing system and the shoelaces themselves are quite standard with no issues. Mizuno didn't incorporate high-tech features into that part of the upper.

The tongue is thin and lacks padding, and it's not gusseted. Despite my initial concern about it moving or folding, it has stayed in place so far.

The heel counter features a rigid inner cover within the outer material, giving it a structured feel. Despite its lack of pliability, it offers ample padding, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit around the heel.

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2 Sole Units

Wave Rebellion Flash 2 sole units

The Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2 employs a dual-layer midsole that achieves a balanced feel. The top layer incorporates ENERZY LITE+, a PEBA-based material known for its soft and forgiving cushioning.

The bottom layer of the midsole features their ENERZY compound, which is firmer compared to the ENERZY LITE+. Sandwiched between the midsoles is a fiberglass wave plate designed to enhance the snappiness of your strides during transitions.

The outsole is predominantly covered in G3 Rubber, except for the center canyon area designed to shed weight and reveal the fiberglass wave plate underneath.

Be cautious of picking up debris; I had a rock lodged in the outsole canyon during my runs. Despite this, after logging 71 miles in the shoe so far, I've observed no wear on the rubber, highlighting its durability as a standout feature.

The outsole provides excellent grip; I ran a full marathon in the rain without any issues. Additionally, I've tested the shoes on various terrains including the track, dirt, grass, concrete, and cement. And they performed well in all conditions

Overall, the shoe offers a plush ride upon landing. Landing on the midfoot provides a sense of bounciness and responsiveness. While landing on the forefoot benefits from the "Smooth Speed Assist" rocker, it offers an aggressive rollover during toe-off.

The midsole doesn't offer the same level of bounce as Nike Zoom X or the plushness of New Balance FuelCell. However, it falls somewhere in between in terms of sensation.

If you're a heel striker, the shoe's design could pose problems with its cut-off heel. The sole unit encourages landing on either the midfoot or forefoot.

The shoe's stability may be a concern due to its tall stack height (34mm forefoot/35mm heel). The midfoot and heel sections are relatively narrow, so be cautious when making sharp turns.

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2 Summary

Wave Rebellion Flash 2 side overlays

Overall, the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2 proves to be a versatile super shoe. It is suitable for various running needs, including long runs, intervals, tempos/threshold, and race day.

While I didn't delve into its weight previously, it's worth noting that the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2 tips the scales on the heavier side. It weighs 243 grams in a US men's size 9.

Weight wasn't a noticeable factor for me, and it didn't raise any concerns. With more miles logged, I grew increasingly confident that this shoe serves as an excellent, budget-friendly option for racing.

The midsole employs premium materials, while the outsole rubber ensures exceptional durability for this shoe.

Would I buy this shoe again if given the opportunity? Absolutely!

The midsole geometry is indeed unique. It may take some time to get used to. But once you've adapted, it offers a fun ride.

  • Product: Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2
  • Price: $170
  • Styles & Colors:
    • 411431: white-black and orange
  • Usage:
    • Speed Training
    • Racing
    • Marathon
    • Long distance running
    • Interval training
    • Tempo
  • Constructions $ Features:
    • Plant-based material (Pebax Rnew®) infused MIZUNO ENERZY LITE
    • MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM offers versatility in application, while still maintains softness and resilience.
    • Glass Fiber infused Nylon MIZUNO WAVE® plate
    • Smooth Speed Assist: Unique heel to toe geometry designed to lessen muscle tension and promote a natural mid-forefoot strike.
    • Engineered mesh upper is breathable and durable.
    • Internal support strap securely holds mid-foot area.
    • Lightweight heel counter
    • Triple shoelace loop
    • Rubber outsole
    • Heel-drop: 1mm
    • Weight: 8.6 oz (Size 9)
Wave Rebellion Flash 2 on feet