Asics Trabuco Max 3: Suitable for All Terrains

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The ASICS Trabuco Max 3 stands out as an impressive, heavily padded all-terrain trail shoe. This footwear makes treading on trails less strenuous and ensures you feel splendid throughout your journey.

Do you deserve Asics Trabuco Max 3?

This shoe is ideal for trail runners in search of significant cushioning. Suitable for seasoned runners and novices alike, this footwear is commendable. It also comes highly recommended as a hiking shoe.

I wouldn't recommend investing in this shoe if you favor a more earthy feel underfoot; its design is heavily cushioned and elevated.

Asics Trabuco Max 3 Brief Introduction

ASICS has long held a particular spot in my affection as my favored brand for road running. For trail running, my experience is primarily limited to the ASICS Gel Trabuco 9s. I was intrigued to find out how these would compare to the Trabuco 9s.

Undoubtedly, I can affirm that I absolutely adored the Trabuco Max 3s.

They exhibit a lightness yet provide comprehensive comfort and protection. You'll instantly appreciate their capable shock absorption and deftness in navigating over rocky terrains.

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Weighing in at 9.4 oz for women's and 10.5 oz for men's, the new model is marginally heavier than its predecessor, though, according to feedback, this increase in weight goes unnoticed. With a stack height of 42 mm in the heel and 37 mm in the forefoot, coupled with a 5 mm heel drop, these running shoes offer great stability. They're an excellent pick for runners with a neutral foot strike.

Given Asics' reputable standing in the domain of running shoes, it's hardly surprising to see them producing superior trail shoes. The Trabuco Max 3 is testament to this, brimming with advanced technology features.

These shoes come equipped with ASICS GUIDESOLE technology, designed to aid in energy conservation. Additionally, they feature FF Blast PLUS technology cushioning to ensure softer landings. On inspecting the outsole, one finds ASICS GRIP, structured to enhance durability.

Like many conscientious brands, they are committed to environmental welfare. Over 50% of the fabric in the main upper is derived from recycled materials, thereby helping to cut back on carbon emissions and minimize waste.

Priced at £160, they indeed represent a significant investment. However, in today's market, this is quite a common price point for most trail shoes. Are they worth the price? Given their features and construction, I would say they offer good value. ASICS has certainly done an excellent job in creating a robust and long-lasting shoe.

Asics Trabuco Max 3 Running Experience

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Upon trying them on initially, I did notice a pronounced firmness and the sensation was akin to wearing platform shoes. Interestingly, a friend even remarked that the shoes added to my height. Personally, though, a high stack height sometimes makes me feel a tad unstable in trail shoes.

Given a choice, I'd opt for a trail shoe that confers a superior ground feel as I harbor a deep-seated fear of twisting my ankle. This fear somehow played on my mind before I stepped out for an experimental run in these shoes. Nonetheless, my maiden run was fairly conservative, and I was pleasantly surprised by the stability they offered.

My original apprehensions faded away, yet, the shoes continued to feel somewhat elevated. After running varying distances in them, I discerned that I'm unable to achieve my highest speeds, which I can link back to my fear of twisting my ankle when wearing them.

They seem perfect for long ultramarathons, where I do not aim for a breakneck pace, or for our family hikes in the delightful springtime weather. Owing to their heightened structure, I've successfully managed to traverse moderately deep, muddy puddles without my feet getting wet.

This is the third iteration of the Trabuco and the modifications from the 2nd to the 3rd version are quite insignificant. The midsole remains unchanged, while there's a slight adjustment in the upper part. Upon visual inspection, it's challenging to differentiate between the two.

Asics Trabuco Max 3 Safety and Protection

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In terms of protection, these shoes excel in every aspect. The substantial stack height of 43 mm shields your feet from any obstacle beneath and effectively reciprocates a significant amount of the energy you expend.

The unique rocker feature allows you to smoothly navigate all terrains, thus fostering a certain level of courage to tackle descents without enduring the usual forceful impact that other trail shoes often introduce.

These shoes feature a technical mesh upper that firmly secures your foot, ensuring you tackle diverse terrains with certainty. This feature also enhances aeration, preventing your feet from getting overly warm or experiencing discomfort.

Asics Trabuco Max 3 Lifespan and Durability

I've put these to the test across a wide range of environments, from running on snow-covered, rocky, wet, and muddy trail tracks to lengthy hikes on gravel paths. Remarkably, there's no substantial wear and tear visible yet.

While it's adept at managing rugged mountainous terrains, initially I wouldn't consider this as my primary option for a super shoe. Ideally, I'd start with a trail shoe that offers more cushioning and is closer to the ground. Then as the ultra progresses and my pace slows to something close to a walk, I might switch to these shoes.

I find them excellent for hiking and walking, hence I'd choose them for any distance where I won't be running at maximum speed the entire time. However, their firmness and high stack height make me feel a bit unsettled on intricate terrains.

Asics Trabuco Max 3 Responsiveness and speed

Asics Trabuco Max 3-heel

While attempting to increase my pace on the trails, feeling confident enough to hit my top speed was challenging. The lack of sufficient ground feel kept me on edge about potentially twisting an ankle. It doesn't mean I couldn't pick up speed in them, but I'd refrain from running at my peak velocity. Especially when descending rocky sections.

While attempting to increase my pace on the trails, feeling confident enough to hit my top speed was challenging. The lack of sufficient ground feel kept me on edge about potentially twisting an ankle. It doesn't mean I couldn't pick up speed in them, but I'd refrain from running at my peak velocity. Especially when descending rocky sections.

I tested them on numerous terrains, and grip was never an issue. The outsole is adorned with ASICSGRIP, a material that enhances traction on irregular surfaces.

With the amalgamation of the ASICSGRIP and the Guidesole™ technology, you'll experience the effortless propulsion of your foot forward. This makes running longer distances less energy-consuming.

Asics Trabuco Max 3 Comfort and Fit

All in all, these shoes exude great comfort. As I mentioned before, they do require a breaking-in period and I would advise getting half to a full size larger.

Despite the large midsole creating the appearance of considerable cushioning, these shoes possess a more solid sensation.

When you tighten the laces, you experience a secure, snug fit that effectively keeps your foot in position.

Asics Trabuco Max 3 Summary and Conclusions

The need for top-tier trail shoes has increasingly become universal among all brands. Asics has risen to the challenge to cater to these requirements.

The Trabuco Max 3 is their most padded trail shoe thus far. It has become my preferred choice for hiking and woodland adventures. The superior protection and comfort it offers become evident every time you fasten the laces.

User Reviews

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Mileswithmarcus: My first run in these shoes was a mid week trail race and they did not dissappoint, the run was incredibly muddy and a lapped course so it had been chewed up by previous runners by the 3rd lap! These shoes did not dissappoint, not only did they feel comfy but I think I was the only upright runner going through the muddiest section! These shoes can do it all and I wouldn't hesitate to reccomend to anyone wanting to hop on any trail.

Mark James: Very comfortable and certainly grippy when the going gets muddy, they give me an extra bit of confidence on slippy ground and the cushioning is superb, my only reason for giving a 4 star review is they seem to come up fractionally shorter than all my other ASICS and I’ve now had to order a half size up to just stop my toes pinching.

Myles Holder: These shoes are perfect for long trail runs. The fit is great and they do not aggravate my shin splints like other brands.

Robmann92: First time that I have owned a pair of TRABUCO MAX trail shoes and I am very impressed so far. The main point of difference over other trail shoes that I have owned is the level of comfort straight out of the box. In wet and muddy conditions, they remain responsive and can be trusted when moving at speed too. I can highly recommend the TRABUCO MAX 3!

  • Product: Asics Trabuco Max 3
  • Price: £160
  • Styles and Colors:
    • Black/Illuminate Green
    • Feather Grey/Black
  • Usage:
    • Hiking/Walking
    • Ultra marathon
    • Trail on all terrains
    • Climb mountain
  • Details:
    • Integrated FF BLAST™ PLUS foam midsole for maximum comfort and a soft landing to reduce the impact on your joints.
    • ASICSGRIP™ outsole for better grip during wet or dry conditions on your trails.
    • High midsole design provides more cushioning and even more comfort while reducing the impact on your feet.
    • GUIDESOLE technology helps conserve energy
    • Smart lace loop helps keep laces in place during trail runs.
    • Technical mesh upper helps improve breathability and comfort.
    • Heel-drop: 5mm
    • Weight: 298 g/10.5 oz
    • Neutral support
    • Maximum cushion
    • Designed For Neutral
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