What are Super Shoes? Do you need a pair?

Super Shoes - foam stacking midsole

The revolutionary "Super Shoes" have caused a sensation in the running world, thanks to their innovative foam stacking, carbon-plated structure, and rocker design. This groundbreaking footwear has garnered immense attention, supported by extensive research and compelling data.

Super Shoes have gained immense popularity among both professional and amateur runners due to their technologically-advanced design, which has resulted in a flurry of record-breaking performances and faster times.

As runners strive to shatter elite records and exceed personal bests, the popularity of Super Shoes continues to surge. These innovative footwear options are now making their way onto the feet of an increasing number of athletes, not only at marathons but also at a variety of other starting lines.

Super Shoes are becoming increasingly popular among runners, whether they are aiming to break elite records or achieve personal bests. These shoes are now being worn by a wider range of runners, not just those participating in marathons.

Is it worth indulging your feet with a pair? That's a valid question! Most runners wouldn't dismiss the opportunity to enhance their performance, but Super Shoes offer more than just breaking records. It is crucial to gather all the necessary information before determining if wearing a pair is suitable for you.

Nike was the pioneer in introducing a revolutionary concept - a midsole cushion that was both lightweight and highly stacked, complemented by a carbon-fiber plate embedded throughout its entire length. This innovative design not only offered exceptional comfort and responsiveness, but it also proved to be remarkably energy-efficient and astonishingly fast. From this breakthrough, the legendary Super Shoe was born. Consequently, other brands swiftly embraced this concept, leading to a cascade of record-breaking performances.

Super Shoes - marathon

What is it that grants Super Shoes their extraordinary abilities? They may not possess capes (although they complement running tights quite well), and admittedly, stacked foam, rocker designs, and plates resembling those in track spikes are not groundbreaking on their own. However, it is the fusion of these elements that bestows Super Shoes with their exceptional speed.

  • Midsole Super Foam

A cutting-edge midsole crafted from a compact, resilient foam, boasting unparalleled performance capabilities, is stacked to perfection while still maintaining a feather-light feel. This ingenious design ensures optimal cushioning and comfort, while also delivering an unmatched burst of energy.

  • Carbon-Fiber Plate

The super foam conceals a flexible and bent carbon-fiber panel that spans the entire midsole, functioning as a lever or slingshot, propelling the heel upwards and the foot forwards with each toe-powered push from the ground. In simpler terms, every step grants you an added surge without expending additional energy.

These two key advantages(midsole super foam + carbon fiber plate) contribute to super shoes' lightweight and flexible nature, ultimately enhancing running efficiency. By minimizing energy loss, these shoes enable runners to conserve their energy, which can then be utilized to either cover greater distances or achieve higher speeds.

  • Rocker Design

With their sleek design that promotes seamless shifts and propels you forward, coupled with the added advantage of a rocker sole, it becomes evident why donning a Super Shoe can be a game-changer on the day of the race.

Super Shoes - pink

We understand your thoughts on this matter. Why confine these fast machines to the confines of a closet and only unleash them during races? This topic has sparked some controversy.

Having too much of a good thing can be a problem, don't you agree? Although Super Shoes are designed to enhance your speedwork and race performance, their excessive foam may not provide the stability needed for long distance runnings. Additionally, the significant energy return can have a negative impact on training, as it may lead to a decrease in energy expenditure during workouts, resulting in two potential outcomes:

  1. Your body is lack of readiness for the race stems from your reduced effort in work.
  2. You experience immense satisfaction from your training, which leads you to exert yourself excessively and ultimately go beyond your limits.

Super Shoes may require some adjustment as they differ from regular running shoes in terms of stiffness and propulsion. They also provide less stability compared to trainers, which can affect your stride and the way impact is distributed on your body. Consequently, this may increase the risk of potential injuries. While Super Shoes have been found to alleviate Achilles tendon and calf problems, excessive use can lead to issues with hamstrings and hips.

Nevertheless, there exist strategies to counter these downsides:

  • Wear super shoes into your rotation: Rotating your shoes is a wise practice, as it prolongs their lifespan, minimizes the chances of getting hurt, and lets you choose the appropriate pair for each workout. Integrate Super Shoes into your rotation gradually, incorporating them into your long runs to build familiarity and boost your confidence ahead of race day.
  • Excercise to adjust the feel of running shoes: To familiarize your muscles and tendons with the sensation of Super Shoes, try incorporating exercises like calf raises and single leg squats while standing on foam or balance pads.
  • Try Super Trainers: As Super Shoes gain popularity and people continue to inquire about training in them, a new breed of footwear called Super Trainers is emerging. These shoes are designed with the same innovative technologies as their race day counterparts, offering a solution for those seeking optimal performance during training sessions.

When considering the matter, Super Shoes enable you to exert less effort while racing, resulting in reduced energy expenditure and decreased recovery time. These shoes not only provide an added spring, but also aid in swift recuperation.

If you're experiencing discomfort or pain in your Achilles and calves, wearing Super Shoes could potentially provide relief by reducing the workload on these specific areas of your body.

Super Shoes - ZOOMX

Despite being commonly associated with professional or high-level athletes, Super Shoes are not exclusively designed for those who finish races first. Even individuals who are further behind in the race have experienced the advantages of wearing these fast shoes, as they provide a boost to both their speed and confidence. However, before purchasing a pair, it is important to carefully consider the investment involved.

Take into consideration that Super Shoes are significantly more expensive than your average racing footwear. Determine if the investment is justified.

Every Super Shoe is unique, just as every individual's feet are unique. Each person has their own specific foot structure, gait, and running style, which means their footwear requirements vary. It is crucial to find a pair of Super Shoes that feel comfortable to you, rather than simply opting for popular choices or following the preferences of others.

While the carbon plate assists faster runners in conserving energy, slower runners may find themselves expending more energy to achieve the same propulsion. Additionally, slower runners do not compress the foam as extensively as faster runners, resulting in a lesser amount of spring back and energy return upon impact with the ground.

While they may enhance your speed and efficiency, Super Shoes are not the sole determinant of your performance. Regardless of their superpowers, your shoes alone cannot propel your body to great distances. It is imperative to prioritize consistent training, adequate nutrition, hydration, and sufficient sleep to truly maximize your potential.