Extra Butter's adidas Samba Released Today

adidas SambaPriceReleaseStyleRetailer
Consortium Cup$1402023 Nov 22ndIE0174Extrabutterny

Extra Butter, a beloved establishment in New York, has a knack for drawing inspiration from movies. This was evident in their creative take on the adidas Samba for the Consortium Cup earlier this year.

Extra Butter's sneaker, which emerged victorious in the adidas Originals competition, is set to hit stores today, November 22nd. In contrast to the widely popular "Cloud White" Samba iteration, this pair showcases a vibrant color palette, drawing inspiration from the internationally acclaimed Brazilian film, City of God, released in 2002.

Crafted from premium "Hazy Green" suede, the majority of the sneaker exudes a rich aesthetic. The heel and tongue feature distinct "Praia" panels, reminiscent of the tropical imagery of bananas and the radiant sun of South America. To further pay homage to the film's thought-provoking portrayal of social and economic disparity in Rio de Janeiro, Extra Butter incorporates cracked leather and "repaired" zig-zag stitching into the design of the adidas Consortium Cup winner.

The 21-year-old film is referenced in other ways, such as the inclusion of Extra Butter logos inspired by Praia on the spine, and sockliners featuring patterns influenced by the Copacabana walkway. In addition, the renowned New York establishment has also created the Angelica Futbol Jersey and the Lil Ze graphic tee.

Get ready to admire close-up images of the shoe below. Extra Butter's Consortium Samba will be available exclusively at Extra Butter stores and on extrabutterny.com starting on November 22nd. The price for the pair is set at $140 USD, and it comes in US Men's sizes ranging from 4 to 14.

remove Adidas Samba insoles to make it more comfort

The process of removing the Samba insoles is extremely effortless. Once you take them out and turn them over, you will notice a white rubber component that is affixed with a removable adhesive. This adhesive allows you to effortlessly peel off the entire arch-support without any exertion. After reinserting the insoles, you will experience the instant comfort of your Sambas.

how to buy adidas Samba OG

Ever since its inception, the Adidas Samba OG has undergone a transformation, becoming the iconic footwear we recognize today. Like many popular products that effortlessly combine comfort, affordability, and fashion, the Adidas Samba has achieved a revered status, even receiving the seal of approval from celebrities. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that this sought-after shoe is currently unavailable in most places.

How to clean Adidas sambas?

Dampen the gentle bristle brush using fresh, lukewarm water and add a bit of cleansing solution or dish soap. Start by delicately scrubbing the upper part of the shoe. It is essential to proceed with caution and scrub gently to maintain the material's quality. Devote additional time to remove any stubborn stains or smudges.

Set aside the various colors, the Adidas Samba OG Shoes remain true to my recollections: slender, cozy, and prone to emitting a slight squeak on unforgiving surfaces (but not while walking, rather akin to the rebounding of basketball footwear).

Remove the insoles from your shoes, generously apply a dusting of baby powder within, and reinsert the insoles. This simple trick will effectively minimize the irritating squeaking caused by friction between your insoles and shoes. In the absence of baby powder, talcum powder or cornstarch can serve as viable alternatives.

Differences between adidas Gazelle and Samba?

The Gazelle typically boasts a white tongue, creating a striking contrast with the rest of the shoe. In contrast, the Samba tends to feature a tongue that matches the color of its main upper.

In honor of the World Cup's host country, the shoe was given the name "Samba," inspired by the vibrant Brazilian dance and music style. Remarkably, the Samba holds the impressive record of being adidas' longest-lasting shoe in existence.