Devin Booker First Cooperation with Nike Book 1

Devin Booker has kicked off his first season as an official Nike signature athlete. Following a series of early previews and a global reveal at the Nike World Basketball Festival in NYC last September, the Book 1 is now set to steal the spotlight, leaving enthusiasts eagerly anticipating one of the most daring and divisive signature shoe debuts of recent times.

Devin Booker and Nike cooperation

In a recent installment of Complex's Sneaker Shopping featuring Booker, we discovered some intriguing information. It was revealed that the initial orange version of the sneaker will have an extremely limited release, with only 500 pairs set to be available in December.

This scarcity will make them incredibly difficult to purchase. However, insiders from Booker's team have informed us that there are numerous exciting plans for the Book 1, including the introduction of a "Moss Point" colorway. This particular design made its debut on an Air Force 1 in 2019.

In 2019, Nike Sportswear released a collection centered around athletes, featuring the Air Force 1 alongside Jayson Tatum's Air Max 97 (now with Jordan Brand) and De'Aaron Fox's Air Max 1 (now signed to Under Armour). Although many may associate the Air Force 1 with Devin Booker's Moss Point High School, the design was actually inspired by a corner store that Devin frequently visited during his time in Mississippi.

Nike Book 1 "Moss Point"

In a late November game between the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors, Booker showcased the Book 1 "Moss Point" in a comparable grey/ivory color scheme. Similar to the AF1 version, the shoe's upper features a sleek light blue leather with greyscale details on the suede quarter and metallic heel counter. The counter also displays "Yes Ma'am, No Sir" embroidery in jet-black. Sitting on a cream-colored sole unit, the usual serial tabs found on the inner tongue have been moved to the outer part of the tongue.

Nike Book 1 "Moss Point" sneakers

The limited edition orange "Chapter 1" colorway is scheduled for release this December, while a greater supply of the first model will be accessible from Spring 2024 onward.