Hoka Stinson 7: Tech Specs and Performance

Hoka Stinson 7 on feet

The Stinson 7 by HOKA delivers a supremely steady and dependable experience, boasting ample cushioning for both smooth roads and less challenging trails. Whether you're engaging in regular training or embarking on lengthier endeavors that involve a mix of pavement, grass, and gravel, the Stinson 7 ensures a comfortable journey from start to finish.

For those who enjoy running on roads or prefer less challenging trails, or even for hikers seeking a shoe that offers stability and maximum comfort for long distances.

However, the shoes won't be a good choice for trail runners who primarily engage in running on challenging, uneven pathways characterized by rugged rocks that demand a great deal of agility or prioritize swiftness.

The Stinson 7 is HOKA's trail running shoe that offers the highest level of cushioning. With a heel stack measuring 40mm and a forefoot stack of 35mm, it is the "all-terrain" counterpart to the Hoka Bondi 8.

For $170, you can get a pair of these shoes that offer stability and comfort while you run, hike, or walk on different surfaces such as roads, grass, gravel, or dirt paths. They are in the same price range as other trail running shoes with similar features, like the Fresh Foam X More Trail v3, Altra Olympus, and Brooks Caldera 6.

By the way, I like the 'Amber Haze / Amber Brown' color combinations. There are three colorways for runners to choose on Hoka official online store.

The Stinson 7, weighing in at 10.8 oz for women and 12.9 oz for men, is a tad heftier than its previous model, adding approximately one full ounce. Additionally, the newer version boasts a slightly elevated stack height of around 2mm.

Although it weighs more than other similar trail shoes, it also boasts the tallest stack height among its rivals. As a result, it provides enhanced cushioning and comfort during long distances, without sacrificing stability.

Hoka Stinson 7 sole units

The Stinson 7’s stability is optimized through the use of new H-frame™ and Active Foot Frame™ technology. H-frame™ is new technology from Hoka that was introduced on Hoka’s everyday stability road runner, the Gaviota 5. Application of this technology into a maximum cushioning road to trail shoe creates the ability to adventure further with confidence.

The Stinson 7 achieves its stability by utilizing innovative H-frame™ and Active Foot Frame™ technology. Hoka introduced the H-frame™ on their Gaviota 5, a stability road runner for everyday use. By incorporating this technology into a highly cushioned shoe designed for both road and trail running, the Stinson 7 allows you to confidently explore greater distances.

As I initially observed, the shoes possessed a remarkably tall (and broad) stack, yet remained fashionable and surprisingly light despite their bulky appearance. During my initial trial, I was pleasantly surprised by their ability to provide stability on both paved surfaces and less challenging landscapes.

During a lengthy flight to Europe, I decided to test these shoes as my regular footwear. However, after a few hours of wearing them, I experienced discomfort in the front part of the shoe.

While traversing the paths of the Dolomites, the Stinson 7s proved adequate for both hiking and running on compacted soil. However, their performance was not good when confronted with narrow, rougher terrains.

There were occasional and concerning incidents of ankle rolls. While hiking on dry trails in Colorado, I noticed that the grip was not as strong as I desired when ascending on dusty rocks. The absence of a Vibram outsole (or a similar sticky material) was a drawback in both the Stinson 6 and this particular model, even with the presence of multidirectional lugs.

The Stinson 7 excelled in terms of dependability and comfort on smooth paths and streets. Its elevated design didn't significantly hinder your pace. Although not ideal for speed training or quick races, they are well-suited for extended competitions or as a daily running shoe for people seeking extra cushioning and support.

Hoka Stinson 7 toebox

The Stinson 7's towering height offers superb defense against potential dangers on the ground, such as small pools of water or even small bodies of water like creeks and streams. Being just a few inches above the ground ensures exceptional safety. No rock plate is included, as it serves no purpose whatsoever.

These shoes are made even more strong and resistant with the addition of a tough rubber toe cap, which offers extra protection against obstacles on the trail. The tongue of the shoe is partly gusseted, creating a sufficient barrier to prevent debris from getting inside.

After completing a distance of more than 100 miles in the Stinson 7, the primary signs of wear are evident on the outer parts of the outsole and midsole. These areas have been slightly damaged due to contact with rough and abrasive surfaces. Nevertheless, this wear and tear does not have any negative impact on the functionality of the shoe, as there is a substantial amount of midsole and outsole material that would need to be worn away before any significant compromise occurs.

In summary, the Hoka Stinson 7 is a reliable and robust shoe that can withstand extended use and cover substantial distances. If you choose to wear these shoes, they will support you throughout your journey, making them an ideal choice for lengthy and demanding races.

Hoka Stinson 7 heel counter

The Stinson 7 is a shoe you can truly rely on when you're running on the road or on less challenging terrain. Although I wouldn't suggest using it for speed training, it doesn't feel overly heavy when you're racking up the miles on the pavement.

The unique sensation of safety is achieved through the use of cushioning and H-Frame stabilizing technology, making this shoe ideal for even ground. However, in terms of energy rebound, it falls short compared to other trail running shoes. I would recommend wearing this shoe for extensive training sessions or lengthy races with diverse terrain that is not overly challenging.

The traction of the multi-directional lugs is intended to be improved. If the ground is not excessively steep or rocky, such as on dirt or gravel trails, the outsole provides adequate grip. Nonetheless, in cold and wet weather, the sole material does cause the outsole to be slippery.

The fit of the Hoka Stinson 7 is accurate in size. It offers ample space, yet remains secure. The upper, made of engineered jacquard mesh, is lightweight and allows for breathability in warm conditions. Additionally, it provides the necessary comfort and insulation when required.

Despite the spaciousness of the toe area, I experienced some discomfort and friction on my big toe after prolonged use or extended periods of wearing these shoes. This issue was particularly prominent during the initial trials but gradually improved after a period of breaking them in.

The heel cup is plush and offers gentle padding and assistance around the entire ankle. I found it a bit strange that the back of the heel cup goes up along the achilles, causing discomfort and friction when wearing low-cut socks.

The Hoka Stinson 7 dominates the market for highly cushioned running shoes, excelling in its specialized category.

Although these shoes may initially appear large and cumbersome, once worn, they provide a stable and comfortable running experience that is truly unparalleled.

Hoka Stinson 7 upper

I have never come across a running shoe that offers such exceptional protection, durability, and stability on both road and trail surfaces. Whether I'm running from my house to the trail or back, in any weather, these shoes give me a sense of assurance.

I can't wait to test these in snowy, wintery weather. I anticipate that the wide size will offer stability and keep me above the snow.

The Stinson 7 does have certain restrictions when it comes to the kind of terrain it performs best on. Specifically, it faces challenges with narrow, rocky, and possibly slippery terrain, which affects its ability to be agile and responsive. Additionally, if the terrain is too uneven, the high stack of the shoe may become a disadvantage. Furthermore, the outsole material of the Stinson 7 is not as effective in providing grip compared to its competitors or other trail shoes from Hoka.

It may take some time for these shoes to become fully comfortable. Although they offer enough room, the toe area initially caused discomfort when wearing the Stinson 7s for extended periods. Thankfully, the fit has gradually gotten better and they can now be worn for as long as necessary.

Although I wouldn't suggest using them for a road race or a challenging trail run, the Stinson 7 shoes offer a wide range of options. They are suitable for various activities, including reliable training and racing over long distances, hiking, and even for casual and fashionable wear.

  • Price: $170 (Hoka)
  • Colors:
    • Castlerock / Cabernet
    • White / Evening Primrose
    • Amber Haze / Amber Brown
  • Usage:
    • trail running
    • all terrain running
    • road running
    • casual runs
  • Constructions & Features:
    • Durable toe cap
    • Engineered jacquard mesh
    • Stabilizing H-Frame™
    • Deep Active Foot Frame™
    • Multi-directional lugs
    • Weight: 12.90 oz
    • Heel drop: 5mm
Hoka Stinson 7 midsole