Under Armour HOVR Mega 3 Clone: Your Relax or Casual Shoes

UA HOVR Mega 3 Clone - toebox

The Under Armour HOVR Mega 3 is advertised as a shoe suitable for long distance runnings, but I personally wouldn't recommend it for that purpose. It feels quite bulky and cumbersome. However, I must admit that I haven't come across a running shoe that I disliked as much as this one in a while. On the other hand, when it comes to everyday wear, it serves its purpose well and I didn't encounter any issues. Additionally, they have a trendy design and I found them enjoyable to wear while running errands.

This running shoe is perfect for those seeking a contemporary yet affordable option. Personally, I envision using it for a relaxed, casual run of less than 5 kilometers.

This particular shoe is not suitable for professional runners. It may not appeal to them at all. The shoe has a slim fit and a bulky upper. I primarily used it during colder weather when I required a shoe that could provide warmth while I coached soccer.

The Under Armour HOVR Mega 3 is touted as their most comfortable running shoe available. Examining the shoe's sole, there is a clear distinction, though I wouldn't describe them as exceptionally padded. However, the upper portion is remarkably cushioned.

For the past few years, Under Armour has been making consistent efforts to capture the attention of dedicated runners. They have continuously worked on enhancing their technology and creating a sought-after midsole.

I've tried out several pairs of Under Armour shoes, including the Charged Asserts 9 & Charged Asserts 10 as well as the HOVR Turbulence 2's.

UA HOVR Mega 3 Clone - heel

Although I wouldn't choose them for extensive runs, I genuinely admire these shoes and believe that Under Armour is making significant progress. Referring to the UA HOVR Mega Clone 3 once more, I find it difficult to classify them within a specific category.

The shoes have a substantial weight of 11.5 ounces for both women and men. Although this information may seem doubtful, it is what I discovered on their official website. Additionally, they possess an 8mm heel drop.

Under Armour has made significant efforts to establish their shoes as suitable for running, incorporating a multitude of advanced features into this particular pair.

Your attention will be immediately captured by the UA Clone upper, which ensures a perfect fit. It features an external TPU heel counter, a 3D-molded sockliner, and a UA HOVR™ midsole. Additionally, you will observe the presence of carbon rubber pods beneath the heel, serving the purpose of enhancing traction and durability.

Priced at $140($150 after discount), they lean towards the more expensive side, and personally, I would never shell out that much for them. Nevertheless, they boast a plethora of innovative features and are crafted with great attention to detail. However, they simply don't align with my personal taste. Perhaps if their price were to decrease, I might consider acquiring them solely for the purpose of having a pair of casual and comfortable shoes.

The shoes took me by surprise, both online and in person, leaving me with an unexpected first impression.

The upper part of the shoe resembles a knitted sweater when seen in person. This is the desired effect they are aiming for. They take pride in the elasticity of the upper material, which is said to flex and adjust to provide a comfortable and secure fit for different types of feet.

When you slip them on for the first time, you immediately feel the snugness of the upper. It provides a cozy fit, but also gives off a sense of weight and thickness. Given the chilly weather in my area, I often find myself reaching for these shoes when I need to take a stroll or complete some errands.

When I first wore them, I immediately noticed that the heel counter was lower and not as sturdy as I would have liked. And sure enough, during my run, that particular area caused me some irritation.

When I first attempted a 5k run, I found the distance to be quite long for my capabilities. The shoes I wore during that run were not very responsive and caused me to exert more effort than necessary.

UA HOVR Mega 3 Clone - upper

The upper immediately catches your attention. It's truly unique and unlike any other upper I've seen before. I grasp the idea behind it and, as I've mentioned before, I find it suitable for a relaxed shoe.

As I ran with it on, the sensation of my feet being smothered overwhelmed me. It gave me the illusion of wearing tiny knitted sweaters, just like the appearance of the fabric itself.

UA refers to it as their Clone upper and claims it was designed to provide a snug fit that flexes and adjusts, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience for your foot.

The external TPU heel counter doesn't provide a secure sensation. Regardless of the lacing method I tried, there was some slippage. It's not excessive, but still noticeable. It seems like the heel counter is shorter compared to most running shoes.

Examining the tongue and laces, I noticed that the tongue is equipped with extra padding and is securely attached. The laces, on the other hand, are flat and remained tied when I double-knotted them. However, I encountered some difficulty in tightening them as there was ample padding. To enhance the snugness of the fit, the lacing holes on both sides of the upper are reinforced with a plastic/rubber material.

I found the 3D molded sock liner to be the only attractive aspect of the upper.

UA HOVR Mega 3 Clone - outsole

The only component consists of the distinctive UA HOVR padding. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out the UA Turbulence 2's and I must say, they come highly recommended. Additionally, they feature a HOVR midsole. Prior to trying them on, I had never experienced this feature, so I decided to conduct some research to learn more about it.

HOVR is a specially formulated foam compound that was created in partnership with Dow Chemical. It is reinforced by a compression fabric known as the 'Energy Web', which securely holds the foam. This unique combination ensures exceptional cushioning and the ability to absorb shocks effectively.

Under Armour has exclusively developed this advanced technology. Through a collaboration with Dow Chemical, they have crafted a midsole that guarantees the utmost excellence in materials for the UA HOVR. Additionally, the energy web compression fabric ensures the foam remains securely in place.

According to UA, this midsole will conform to your foot shape and return the energy you exert with each stride. With time, I did notice my foot adapting to the sole, but I found them to be deficient in terms of energy rebound. Personally, they felt heavy on the ground and made me feel uncoordinated.

The part that really caught my attention and made me feel at ease was the presence of carbon rubber pods beneath my heels and in high-impact zones. These pods provided exceptional traction, ensuring that I never experienced any slipping, regardless of the surface I was walking on.

Durability is definitely a standout feature. After covering a distance of 50 miles and using them extensively on a daily basis, there is barely any visible wear and tear.

The Under Armour HOVR Mega Clone 3 is an attractive and distinctive shoe. Although it took some time for me to appreciate them, I eventually found them comfortable enough to run a few miles in.

If I had to choose between my other running shoes and these, I wouldn't pick these. However, I would definitely put them on if I needed a pair of shoes that I could confidently wear for a whole day without any discomfort.

  • Price: $140 ($105 after discount)
  • Style: 3025308
  • Color:
    • White / Metallic Silver
    • Black / White / Metallic Gun Metal
  • Usage:
    • daily training
    • relax/casual runs
    • short distance running (under 5K)
  • Constructions & Features:
    • Best for for runners who want ultra-plush cushioning and a soft/smooth ride
    • UA Clone upper provides an ultra-precise fit that expands & contracts for seamless comfort & support
    • External TPU heel counter for added lockdown & support with every stride
    • 3D-molded sockliner cradles your foot for enhanced step-in comfort
    • Responsive UA HOVR™ cushioning reduces impact, returns energy & helps propel you forward
    • Carbon rubber pods under the heel deliver greater traction & durability at high-impact strike zones
    • Heel drop: 8 mm
    • Weight: 11.5 oz
    • Lace type: standard
    • True to size
UA HOVR Mega 3 Clone - midsole