Nike Air Max 1 'Beef/Broccoli' Version in 2024 Spring

Nike Air Max 1PriceReleaseStyle
olive green / brown$1502024FZ3590-259

The iconic "Wheat" or "Butters" color scheme, made famous by Timberland's 6" Work Boot, has solidified its place in street fashion culture, gracing athletic sneakers on numerous occasions. However, there seems to be a shift in the industry towards a lesser-known but equally impactful combination of hues, specifically tailored for the cold weather.

Similar to the way the 6" Boot is defined by its wheat yellow color, the iconic Field Boot from Timberland is characterized by the perfect combination of olive green and brown. This particular color scheme, known as "Beef & Broccoli", gained popularity in the late 1990s among New Yorkers, who affectionately named it after a common Chinese take-out dish.

Nike Air Max olive green and brown - toebox and mudguard

While we have recently witnessed the emergence of this colorway on various sneakers, particularly those from New Balance, Nike is now creating their own unique version with the upcoming release of the Air Max 1 for Spring 2024.

The delicious execution showcases a luscious shade of chestnut suede on the mudguard, overlay on the quarter, and back of the shoe, while the earthy green takes center stage on the nylon toe-box, leather Swoosh, ankle area, and lining. A sturdy black envelops the midsole and shoelaces, adding a touch of ruggedness perfect for the winter season.

Once again, we can expect the shoes to hit the shelves of Nike stores in the spring of 2024.