Nike Metcon 9 Review: HIIT Workouts

Nike Metcon 9 Review: For Crossfit Athlete or Consistent HIIT Workouts
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HIIT Workouts$1502023 Aug 18thFD5431-100Nike

In my opinion, the Nike Metcon 9 missed the mark as an improvement over the 8. It seems they veered off course with this shoe, although others may have a different perspective.

The prosThe cons
Reconstructed hyperlift plateHeel counter too high
More lateral and media rubber
Wider toebox
Who should purchase Nike Metcon 9?

This shoe is tailored for the average crossfit enthusiast or individuals engaged in regular HIIT sessions. It is optimally designed for high-intensity, rapid movements with minimal impact.

Who should not purchase Nike Metcon 9?

I would not recommend Metcon 9 for runners or those who are not advanced athletes. While powerlifters could potentially use this shoe, it may not be the optimal choice.

Nike Metcon 9 Preview

The Nike Metcon 9 is a cutting-edge crossfit shoe that offers exceptional versatility in all types of gym environments. Engineered specifically for high-intensity interval training and crosstraining, this footwear features a comprehensive rubber construction, a level base, and a comfortable cushioned sole.

Just like its forerunner - the Metcon 8, this shoe is ideal for competitive environments and intense workouts.

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When compared to popular shoes like the No Bull trainer and Ryka Destination XT, the Metcon surpasses them all.

Priced at $150, this shoe offers excellent value for money. However, it is worth noting that if you visit the gym on a daily basis, this shoe may not be necessary. On the other hand, it is the ideal choice for experienced crossfit athletes.

Just like the Metcon 8, these shoes exhibit minimal differences, except for a revamped hyperlift heel plate and a broader toebox.

Adding a rubber compound to the front of the shoe enhanced traction, while extending the rubber rope guard on the shoe's sides.

Nike Metcon 9 Impressions to Me

Upon unboxing, my eyes immediately fell upon a shoe that bore a striking resemblance to the 8. The alterations in the upper were minimal, but the overall appearance of the shoe was undeniably more appealing.

I was initially disappointed when I tried them on, as the design appeared too plain for my taste.

I immediately observed the need for an adjustment period, realizing that this shoe would require significant adaptation. There was no effortless slip-on-and-go sensation; instead, it possessed a rigid nature that demanded familiarity.

For my initial workout, I chose to incorporate wall handstands, box jumps, and squats to truly experience the essence. Despite requiring some breaking in, this workout surpassed my expectations and effortlessly handled everything I threw its way!

Nike Metcon 9 comfort and fit

I did not find the previous version(Metcon 8) to be comfortable, but the new Metcon 9 is an updated and improved version.

While certain individuals may find them appealing, the ample space provided by the expanded toe box allowed my feet to move excessively, resulting in a lack of secure confinement within the shoe.

The heel counter reached an uncomfortable height, causing friction against my ankle bones. It seems that a half size smaller would have provided a better fit.

Nike Metcon 9 running experience

I believe that these flat cross trainers are not suitable for running. Despite the efforts to enhance the hyperlift system for improved heel agility, the shoe remains bulky.

Nike Metcon 9 for HIIT / Crossfit

These shoes are a perfect fit for Crossfit and HIIT workouts. Much like the metcon 8, they were specifically crafted with a fully rubberized sole and ropeguards on the sides to cater to these intense training activities. They exhibit remarkable versatility in the realm of crosstraining.

Nike Metcon 9 for weight lifting

Although they are not exclusively designed for weight lifting, they can still be used for that purpose. These shoes feature a flat bottom that promotes proper balance and stability when squatting or deadlifting. While they may not be considered the ultimate footwear for this activity due to their slight flexibility, they are generally suitable for strength training.

Nike Metcon 9 for dance

Engaging in dance classes with these shoes would not be an enjoyable experience, as they possess a flat sole similar to most crossfit shoes and lifters. This feature prevents agility and makes it difficult to be light on your feet.

In order for dancers to showcase their skills, they must have the ability to flex their feet and move with complete freedom. Unfortunately, these shoes are too rigid to allow for such fluid movements.

Nike Metcon 9 for gym sports

Based on my findings, I would not advise the typical gym enthusiast to utilize these shoes during their workout sessions.

While these shoes are ideal for crossfit and HIIT exercises, their cost is exorbitant, making them impractical for the average gym-goer who simply requires a shoe suitable for walking and general workouts, rather than specialized training.

Nike Metcon 9 training sports

Similar to Metcon 8, these shoes possess a flat and bulky nature that restricts their usability to their intended purpose exclusively. As I strolled through my son's school and the local supermarket, I experienced a considerable level of discomfort. Their sturdy and level structure made each stride feel like a forceful stomp.

Nike Metcon 9 for sports

This shoe, much like the Metcon 8, is best suited for seasoned crosstraining enthusiasts rather than those new to the sport.

Personally, I would choose Metcon 8 or consider an alternative shoe altogether. Despite wearing them in, I found no satisfaction in these shoes.

With my foot being slender, I observed that the widened toe area caused my foot to slide within the shoe, indicating a need for either a smaller size or an entirely different style of footwear.

In addition to that setback I experienced, the heel counter proved to be excessively elevated and caused discomfort on my ankle bones. Regardless of the type of socks I wore, I constantly felt irritated while using these shoes for training purposes.

In my opinion, the Metcon 8 surpassed the 9 in terms of quality and performance. If I were to recommend a cross-trainer to someone, I would not choose these shoes.