Niobium Concept 3 from Snow Peak & New Balance

Niobium Concept 3PriceReleaseStyle
waterproof / higher design$3002024 Jan 5thMSNB3SP

For the past four years, Snow Peak and New Balance have collaborated to create inventive and top-notch outdoor footwear. Their most recent offering is the Niobium Concept 3.

Snow Peak, renowned for their eco-friendly and innovative camping and hiking gear, has yet to achieve the same level of popularity as other Japanese brands in the Western market. However, their collaboration with New Balance, specifically with the Tokyo Design Studio, has significantly increased their recognition and made their name and distinctive snowflake-inspired logo more familiar across the United States.

Niobium Concept 3 toebox/mudguard

In contrast to the New Balance C_2, a two-way sandal that made its debut in the summer of 2021, the Niobium Concept 3 offers a more robust and durable option.

With its waterproof outer shell and higher design, it provides excellent protection up to the shins. The inner boot of this model features a contrasting bluish image and an all-over pattern, adding a casual flair to the otherwise "snowy" white and grey eVent material. The modular design incorporates the tried-and-tested traction solution from the New Balance MT580, guaranteeing exceptional performance for the PRIMALOFT®-insulated silhouette created by Snow Peak and New Balance's Tokyo Design Studio.

Discover the official images of the dynamic sneakers in this article, and make your way to on January 5th, 2024 to secure this collaborative masterpiece for $300 USD.