Puma's Latest Golf Shoe May Help it Expand More Markets

Flexspike cleats

Puma has recently unveiled a captivating and innovative design for their latest golf shoe - the PHANTOMCAT NITRO.

The golf shoes possess all the features you would anticipate from a top player in the market, alongside an unexpected and innovative cleat arrangement.

The Flexspike cleats have garnered interest for their soft-spiked shoes featuring cleats shaped like amoebas. These cleats boast the ability to evenly distribute weight, resulting in enhanced flexibility and increased comfort while walking.

Puma has expressed confidence in their ability to develop an exceptional and groundbreaking product. But it remains uncertain how these shoes will ultimately fare in practice.

Puma's potential triumph with this shoe could revolutionize the future of soft spike footwear. It may lead to innovative designs going down an entirely different path.

The addition of this shoe to Pumas' collection of golf shoes appears promising, as the Phantomcat's technology is set to take it to a whole new level.

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As you take each step, experience an amplified bounce and effortless response with the innovative nitrogen-infused foam embedded in the heel. This cutting-edge technology ensures a featherlight feel without compromising on performance.

Puma golf shoe

Puma has enhanced the shape of its toe box. It incorporates an ergonomically designed last to cater to a wider range of golfers and offer an improved fit.

"The Phantomcat Nitro is our most advanced shoe to date. Nitro foam and Flexspike technology gives the golfer a combination of traction and comfort like never before. The feedback we've received from our Tour Athletes has been fantastic and I can’t wait for golfers to try this shoe."

- Andrew Lawson, Senior PLM Footwear at Puma Golf

Flexspike was specifically designed to optimize the amount of contact it has with the ground by utilizing its unique cleat shape.

These shoes enhance grip and balance, resulting in a lighter and more comfortable feel. The Flexspike technology allows your foot to move freely in different positions as you swing and walk all day long.

The full-grain leather uppers of the Phantomcat Nitro come backed by a one-year waterproof warranty, ensuring durability and protection in various weather conditions.

golf shoes

The TPU outsole of the shoe features a molded heel panel and additional traction elements. It can provide enhanced stability and foot security during wear.

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The new cleat design is anticipated to be worn by PGA Tour professionals such as Rickie Fowler, Gary Woodland, Justin Suh, and JJ Spaun in the near future.

The claim is that this isn't just a daring new design but also Puma's most cutting-edge golf shoe yet. Should it fulfill the pledge of enhanced performance and comfort, Puma could potentially expand its presence in the golf shoe market.

Till now, there isn't a specified date for PGA Tour players to start wearing the new cleats just yet.