Under Armour HOVR Turbulence 2: Tech Specs and Performance

HOVR Turbulence 2 on feet

The Under Armour HOVR Turbulence 2 is an excellent choice for runners seeking to increase their weekly mileage. This versatile shoe also serves as a reliable daily trainer for various activities.

A runner in search of a versatile everyday shoe. I envision a day where I can effortlessly transition from a short distance running to a cross-training session. These shoes offer exceptional comfort and stability, making them an excellent option for multitasking days.

This shoe is not suitable for runners seeking a shoe that will support them during marathon or ultra-distance training. Despite being comfortable, it may lose its responsiveness over longer distances.

Under Armour has gained global recognition for its sports equipment. Similar to Nike and Adidas, it aims to establish a reputation for offering reliable running shoes. Although relatively new to the shoe industry, Under Armour has made significant progress compared to a few years ago. The HOVR Turbulence 2 from Under Armour is a notable step towards establishing itself as a prominent running shoe brand.

Priced at $100 on Under Armour's official site, these items can be found for significantly lower prices on various other websites. For instance, a quick search on Amazon revealed a price of $70-$80, which is quite a bargain. However, one may wonder if they are truly worth the original $100. In my opinion, they possess both versatility and exceptional craftsmanship, making them a worthwhile purchase.

At a mere 8.3oz for women and 9.8oz for men, these shoes possess a sense of lightness that is undeniable. There is a certain connectedness to the ground that can be attributed to the 8mm heel drop.

Introducing the UA Turbulence version two. Take note of the subtle alterations in their design and the incorporation of advanced footwear technology. Among their highlights are a breathable, featherweight knitted upper, a luxurious comfort system sock liner, Responsive UA HOVR™ cushioning, and a long-lasting rubber outsole.

Having tried a few pairs of UA shoes, I must say that the Turbulence offers the best value for your money.

I absolutely love the Charged Asserts by UA, but I find them best suited for cross-training or everyday use. I would never choose them for a lengthy jog. That's the same sentiment I have towards the Turbulence 2s.

HOVR Turbulence 2 toebox

I was pleasantly surprised by my initial reaction upon opening the box. Despite falling into the budget category, these shoes do not resemble the typical footwear one would expect at that price point. They possess a stylish and contemporary appearance.

In terms of color, I opted for the "Black / Jet Gray / White" colorways, which didn't appeal to me at first. However, it has gradually won me over. The shoes are available in various other color options, ensuring that there is something to suit everyone's preferences.

The midsole caught my attention right away with its unique net-like pattern that extends from the middle of the foot to the back of the heel.

My initial experience with them involved using them for cross-training. During my workout, I combined body-weight exercises with running and sled pushes.

When I first slid my feet into those shoes, my immediate impression was that they were reasonably comfortable, but not excessively soft. During the initial two weeks, I exclusively wore them for runs spanning 5 kilometers or less. However, as I gradually familiarized myself with them, I began to appreciate their true capabilities.

I had the pleasure of taking them on several 6-8 mile runs, and I found great comfort in the way I felt during those workouts.

These shoes are designed to fit true to size, allowing ample space in the toe area for your toes to spread out comfortably.

HOVR Turbulence 2 upper

The upper portion of the shoe is constructed from a single, breathable knit fabric. It lacks any additional layers, resulting in a pleasantly comfortable sensation across the entire surface of the foot.

This shoe excels in its ability to let your feet breathe. I have put it through nearly 100 miles of testing and there are no signs of any wear and tear. Despite its lightweight and airy upper, it still maintains its impressive durability.

This shoe is perfect for sunny days, but not ideal for rainy weather. It lacks waterproof qualities and tends to become soaked quickly.

UA has also excelled in incorporating a luxurious comfort system sock liner, which offers unparalleled comfort when you first slip your feet in.

Examining the tongue, I observed that it possessed an ideal level of cushioning and rested comfortably on the foot's surface. The laces, which were ordinary and level, did not cause any problems in terms of untying, as long as I securely double-knotted them.

The back of the shoe is elevated and rigid. I encountered no friction and achieved a decently secure fit. In cases where I didn't tighten my shoelaces adequately, I encountered a slight degree of slippage.

HOVR Turbulence 2 sole units

The midsole of these shoes is equipped with the comfortable HOVR™ technology, which provides a responsive and energy-boosting cushioning. Under Armour offers an entire range of running shoes featuring the HOVR technology. Curious about HOVR?

Developed in partnership with Dow Chemical, this exclusive foam compound is secured by a compression fabric called the 'Energy Web'. This fabric not only holds the foam in place, but also offers exceptional cushioning and absorbs shocks effectively.

Under Armour possesses exclusive ownership of this technology. Through a collaboration with Dow Chemical, they have developed a distinct midsole that guarantees the UA HOVR's exceptional quality by utilizing top-notch materials. Additionally, the compression fabric of the energy web ensures the foam's steadfastness.

According to UA, this midsole has the ability to conform to your foot and return the energy you exert with each stride. Initially, I found the midsole to be somewhat rigid, but with a few uses, I began to sense the process of conforming.

The sole of this shoe is constructed from a resilient rubber material, providing both grip and flexibility. With every stride, you'll experience the effortless lift-off it offers.

After subjecting them to different weather conditions and terrains such as wet weather, concrete, and loose gravel, I can confidently say that these shoes offer excellent grip and stability. However, I would advise using them primarily on paved roads or similar surfaces for optimal performance.

HOVR Turbulence 2 midsole

The UA HOVR Turbulence 2 has really grown on me. At first, I wasn't a big fan of these shoes, but now, after using them for different distances for a couple of weeks, I can genuinely say that I prefer them over my usual favorites.

I kick off my day with a jog, and from there, I'm constantly on the move. These shoes are ideal for those seeking a multi-purpose option that provides total comfort without breaking the bank.

  • Price: $100
  • Style: 3026520
    • Summit White / White
    • Black / Jet Gray / White
    • Black
    • Black / White
    • Jet Gray / Metallic Silver
    • Blue
  • Usage:
    • daily training
    • short distance running
    • cross training
  • Constructions & Features:
    • Breathable knit upper
    • Deluxe comfort system sockliner
    • Responsive UA HOVR™ cushioning system
    • Durable rubber outsole
    • Heel drop: 8mm
    • Weight: 9.8 oz
    • Lace type: Standard
    • True to size
HOVR Turbulence 2 quarter