Upcoming Air Jordan 9 'Olive' In memory of 1993 Original

Air Jordan 9 Retro in 2022 - quarter/heel

Nike, Inc. faced a challenge in 1993 when Michael Jordan unexpectedly retired from the NBA, halting the success they had achieved with three consecutive championships. However, this setback did not deter Nike, Inc. from carrying on the legacy of the Air Jordan brand through their captivating storytelling.

In the creation of the Air Jordan 9, Tinker Hatfield focused on highlighting Jordan's global influence and superstar status, which was evident in his remarkable performance and undeniable presence at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. By prominently featuring a planet symbol on the heel, the Air Jordan 9 conveyed the message:

MJ transcended geographical boundaries and was an iconic figure who knew no limits, even when he temporarily traded his basketball sneakers for baseball cleats.

Air Jordan 9 Retro in 2022 - quarter/heel

The Air Jordan 9 had a short lifespan and only a few original colorways. The Bulls-inspired "True Red" and "Charcoal" were the main representatives, while the "Dark Powder Blue" honored Jordan's college days.

However, the "Olive" took the series of unconventional off-court colorways to a whole new level of experimentation. Initially, the Olive 9s didn't perform well in stores, but like many lesser-known original Air Jordans, it gained a devoted following in the 2000s. This eventually led to a lackluster re-release in 2012.

Unfortunately, the retro version of the Air Jordan 9 "Olive" didn't live up to expectations. The shape was off, the materials were of poor quality, and it was a reminder of a time when Jordan Retro sneakers weren't up to par.

Air Jordan 9 Retro in 2022 - quarter/heel

It should not be assumed that the Olive 9s were completely forgotten. The well-known design made a comeback in 2017 with a winterized Boot edition, which proved to be somewhat popular during colder seasons. Additionally, in late 2022, Jordan Brand playfully teased the community with the "Olive/Aqua" release, which seemed to serve no purpose other than to annoy original enthusiasts.

According to @zsneakerheadz, the Air Jordan 9 "Olive" is set to launch during Holiday 2024. Although we haven't caught a glimpse of the sneakers yet, it's not difficult to have high hopes considering the meticulous design showcased by the Air Jordan 9 "Powder Blue".

It appears that the Air Jordan 9 Retro is aiming for a more precise shape and materials that stay faithful to the 1993 original.