Air Jordan 11 in 'Columbia Blue' May Return in 2024

Air Jordan 11 in 'Columbia Blue'

In December 2024, we can eagerly anticipate the comeback of the legendary Air Jordan 11 "Columbia".

Despite not receiving official confirmation from Nike, Inc., reputable sources @zSneakerHeadz and Sneaker Files have shared a rumor. Over the past ten years, the Jordan Brand has revisited the original color schemes of the sneaker, resulting in record-breaking sales for Nike. The only remaining colorway to be retroed is the "White/Columbia Blue/Black" combination, which was initially released in 1996.

During that year's NBA All-Star Game, Michael Jordan exclusively wore this clean version of his eleventh signature model. However, this sneaker has gained widespread acclaim for its fresh design and association with the University of North Carolina.

Air Jordan design photo

In 2014, the Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue" was released by the Jumpman family and received a mixed response. While some fans, both old and new, appreciated the simplicity of the design, others expressed a desire for Jordan's label to stay true to the original version from 1996.

It is highly likely that the next iteration of the predominantly white Air Jordan will closely adhere to Tinker Hatfield's original blueprint, as this has become a trend for some of the brand's most popular styles in recent years. The semi-translucent outsoles may be altered to resemble the debut "Columbia Blue" pair by removing the "Legend Blue" finish.

We can also expect the upcoming release to pay homage to the original "Concord" pair by featuring slightly yellowed traction, similar to the recent "Gratitude" Air Jordan 11. Unless the "Columbia" style undergoes a similar "Reimagined" treatment that has been applied to silhouettes I to IV, the next release should closely resemble the 28-year-old original.

By the time Summer 2024 rolls around, we can expect to see official images of the retro. If the speculation about the comeback of the Jordan 11 "Columbia" is accurate, then we can anticipate the release of this pair on Nike SNKRS by December 14th, 2024, in various sizes for the whole family. The prices will range from $230 USD for men and women to $60 USD for crib sizes.

By the way, Air Max Plus Drift which combines 'Yellow/Silver/Concord' colors will be released in 2024.