Adidas AE 1 Low-top Sneaker from Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards' popular Adidas AE 1 sneaker is being modified to lose its top.

On Saturday night, the eminent Minnesota Timberwolves player, Anthony Edwards, took to the court, revealing the all-new Adidas AE 1 Low during his robust performance in their playoff opening victory over the Phoenix Suns. The shoe now has a lower collar placement, morphing Edwards' initial signature sneaker from a mid-top to a low-top style, while retaining all other visual aspects, notably the dynamic TPU wings equipped with ventilation apertures.

The AE 1, together with James Harden’s Adidas Harden Vol. 8, has been a significant asset for Adidas Basketball. Both pairs of sneakers have experienced considerable success, selling out rapidly with each newly launched color scheme since their releases in February and December. The shoes exhibit similar design principles, particularly in their implementation of containment technology and color arrangements. In addition, Damian Lillard unveiled his Adidas Dame 9 on court on Sunday night, which is already stirring debates as arguably his greatest signature design so far.

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Before Saturday's match, Adidas launched a promotional clip highlighting Edwards in a drop-top car, boldly declaring that his audience isn't prepared for his Lows. The car's roof lowers, leading to a stunning showcase of his pink-over-black sneaker. Upon being queried by his companion about how he anticipates people will manage to compete, Edwards replies with certainty, "I don’t expect them to."

The official launch date for the Adidas AE 1 Low has not been disclosed yet. However, the brand has indicated that further specifics about its forthcoming models will be unveiled in the future months.