Anthony Edwards Extended Partnership with Adidas

Anthony Edwards

Following the resounding success of his AE1 signature sneaker, Anthony Edwards and Adidas have agreed to prolong their partnership for several more years.

Although the specifics of the deal were not disclosed, a representative from Adidas informed Footwear News that it is a "significant multi-year contract extension." Alongside Edwards' signature line, Adidas will strengthen its support for the star's "Don't Follow the Wave", which aims to provide valuable resources and opportunities to underprivileged youth in local communities.

"Adidas and I are creating history together," Edwards expressed in a press release. "They believed in me from the very beginning, and we share a common vision for the future – which is why this relationship means so much to me. The launch of AE 1 was just the start. The world will be amazed by what's to come. Believe That."

Eric Wise, the global general manager of Adidas Basketball, further elaborated:

"Anthony embodies the spirit and determination that defines Adidas Basketball. From the very start, we recognized his immense potential and made a substantial commitment to his talent and vision. This extended partnership signifies our unwavering belief in his ability to lead and inspire."

Basketball is at the heart of both the court and our communities. The AE 1 has been an overwhelming success since its launch in December, consistently selling out as new color variations are introduced, making it the most talked-about basketball shoe in recent years. The upcoming debut of the low-top version will mark a departure from the traditional mid-cut design.

Adidas Basketball executives have openly acknowledged that the AE 1 represents a reset for the division, which they felt had become stagnant. Launched in February, James Harden's Harden Vol. 8 has also experienced high demand, revitalizing his signature line. The new wave of signature sneakers, including Donovan's D.O.N. Issue 6 released in early July, combines performance-driven design with bold shapes and color-blocking.