Brooks Catamount 3 is Designed to Conquer 100K Distance

Catamount 3 mudguard

The Brooks Catamount 3 is a dependable lightweight trail shoe, which is built to conquer distances up to 100k. It offers confidence and agility on any trail terrain for achieving maximum speeds.

This shoe caters to runners seeking a trail shoe with excellent ground feel, ideal for races ranging from fast short distances to long, high-mileage events.

This shoe isn't suited for runners who prefer ample cushioning. While comfortable, it doesn't offer a plush feel.

Catamount 3 outsole

The Brooks Catamount 3 is a lightweight, responsive trail shoe ideal for picking up the pace. Its agility and lightness make it a top choice for race days.

Initially skeptical, I doubted the Brooks Catamount 3's suitability for long-distance trails due to its seemingly limited cushioning. However, after testing, I'm convinced it can handle up to marathon distances, and likely even the 100ks Brooks claims.

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I haven't put the Catamount to the test on extreme distances yet. However, having tried Brooks' road shoes like the Hyperion Elite 3 and Hyperion Tempo, the Catamount bears a striking resemblance to the latter in both feel and appearance.

I appreciate their lightweight construction, a refreshing departure from the bulkier trail shoes I've worn before. Especially when fatigue sets in, the last thing you want is clunky footwear slowing you down.

This model introduces advanced technologies including propulsion cushioning with a nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH midsole, Sky Vault trail plate, and TrailTack Green rubber outsole, justifying its higher price point.

Catamount 3 heel

The versatile trail shoe market is evolving rapidly, offering options tailored to various terrains and preferences, catering to every runner's needs and enhancing trail running experiences.

Navigating the vast array of trail shoe options can be daunting, but investing time in trying out the Catamount 3 promises comfort and versatility, offering a rewarding experience for trail runners seeking an ideal fit.

I laced up the Catamount 3 straight out of the box and embarked on a 10-mile run. Instantly hooked, I found no need for a break-in period; they felt perfect from the start.

Currently, my preferred trail shoes are the Salomon Ultra Glide 2, offering ample cushioning and a higher stack height.

The Brooks Catamount offers a trail shoe experience unlike what I typically enjoy, but I'm pleasantly surprised by its performance.

This marks Brooks' third iteration of the shoe, and while I haven't tried the previous versions, feedback suggests that Brooks has significantly improved with this latest model.

The Catamount 1 introduced nitrogen-infused foam to trail shoes. With the Catamount 2, focus shifted to enhancing the upper while improving trail performance with a Skyvault plate and nitro-infused DNA Flash midsole.

The Catamount 3 builds upon its predecessors with continued enhancements. Retaining the DNA Flash midsole and Skyvault plate, it introduces a new TrailTack Green rubber compound on the outsole for improved traction.

The upper sees significant improvement with a single-layer woven engineered mesh construction.

Catamount 3 side overlays

Despite its unassuming appearance, the Catamount provides ample protection.

The revised upper offers enhanced flexibility, akin to a road shoe, with added overlays for a secure fit and toebox protection.

The midsole, crafted from Brooks' Nitrogen-infused DNA Flash, maintains consistency with the previous model, offering a 22mm heel thickness and 16mm forefoot thickness. This results in a 6mm heel-to-forefoot drop, ideal for midfoot strikers.

Nitrogen-infused midsoles are sealed to prevent air from escaping, ensuring no water ingress. This maintains the shoe's lightweight properties without allowing air to escape.

The outsole of the shoes is constructed using Brooks’ Green TrailTack, a robust rubber material known for its sticky texture and durability, providing excellent traction on wet surfaces. While these shoes may not be the ideal choice for extremely muddy trails, because the lugs is only 3.5mm in length.

Brooks incorporates the Sky Vault Trail Plate in the forefoot, providing firm yet responsive protection for tackling uphill terrains with ease.

Catamount 3 upper

After logging over 50 miles, I've noticed minimal visible wear on the shoes. The updated thin upper shows no signs of tearing despite enduring rough conditions.

The one-piece TPEE mesh upper ensures softness and durability. It efficiently drains water after running through streams, while features like the mudflap on the toe and overlays enhance protection and security.

The Catamount is designed for speed.

It excels across all terrain, delivering top speed on descents and uphill propulsion with ease.

The curved midsole ensures continuous movement upon foot impact, facilitating a smooth transition with each step.

The Brooks Catamount 3 isn't ideal for muddy terrain or compacted snow.

On mildly muddy trails, grip is sufficient, but on heavily muddy trails, the shorter lugs(3.5mm) may result in slipping.

For muddy trails, consider opting for a shoe with longer lugs for better traction.

Catamount 3 toebox

If you prefer a plush feel, the Catamount may not suit you. While comfortable, it lacks a pillowy cushioning. However, its firmness provides lasting comfort for various distances.

Among my trail shoes, these feel the most minimalist yet perform like bulkier ones. They offer ample comfort and protection without compromising on performance.

While snug, they provide ample toe splay room for stability.

On cambered trails, I didn't face the usual issue of my foot being pushed outward by the shoe, a problem common with other models.

The Brooks Catamount 3 strikes a balance between speed and comfort, offering a lightweight design suitable for quick runs while still providing ample cushioning for longer distances.

The shoe delivers a smooth ride across various surfaces, making it a dependable option for runners seeking excellent ground feel.

  • Price: $170
  • Styles & Colors: Lemon Chrome/Sedona Sage
  • Usage:
    • trail shoe
    • fast short distance race
    • long and high-mileage events
    • long distance racing (50k - 100k)
    • speed training
  • Constructions & Features:
    • heel-drop: 10mm
    • Weight: 9.4oz / 266.5g
    • Certified Carbon Neutral Product
Catamount 3 midsole