Largest Nike Store in Canada at West Edmonton Mall

largest Nike Store

The Fox Group, headquartered in Israel, is actively extending the Nike brand's reach throughout Canada. Recently, Nike revealed its largest Canadian store, potentially the world's largest single-floor location, at West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton.

Spanning over 27,500 square feet on a single level, the store boasts an expansive frontage along the mall's ice rink and a corridor leading to a new transit center. Its significant presence within the mall aligns with its considerable size. This Nike outlet stands as Canada's largest to date, potentially ranking as the world's largest single-level Nike store, as some suggest. Its immense scale was achieved by merging three retail spaces, notably incorporating a former Forever 21 store.

The store offers a wide range of Nike products for men, women, and children, encompassing footwear, apparel, accessories, and other Nike-branded items. It showcases various sports, including basketball, featuring product collaborations. Welcoming shoppers is a large video screen at the main entrance, within an industrial-inspired space characterized by exposed roofing and interior design elements such as back-lit footwear display walls.

Nike Store at West Edmonton Mall

The design-build for the new Edmonton Nike store was managed by the international firm SAJO.

In the summer of 2021, Nike unveiled its inaugural Canadian flagship at Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Centre, stretching across over 24,500 square feet across two levels. Following this, a second flagship, covering approximately 20,000 square feet, debuted on Ste-Catherine Street at the Montreal Eaton Centre in the summer of 2023.

A recent social media post suggested that Nike might occupy part of Nordstrom's former space in downtown Vancouver. However, this information remains unconfirmed.

Reports indicate that Fox Group has resumed control of licensed Nike operations in British Columbia, initiating a new phase of store expansion alongside managing several recently established outlets. Additionally, as part of this expansion, Nike recently unveiled a 12,000 square foot store at CF Chinook Centre in Calgary.

Nike Store at West Edmonton Mall

Additional Nike flagships are set to open in Canada. Sources have verified the forthcoming launch of a sizable store in downtown Toronto, with exclusive details to be disclosed in an upcoming report.

Fox Group has introduced smaller yet substantial Nike stores nationwide, even preceding the pandemic. These are located in prominent shopping centers throughout the country.

In Canada, Fox Group manages various brands, including Laline skincare, Mango fashion, and Fox Home for home goods. Another retail concept under its umbrella is slated to debut in Canada this year. Both Mango and Fox Home were introduced to Canada in 2023.

Even prior to the pandemic, Nike has prioritized its standalone retail channels, withdrawing from certain wholesale accounts, a trend observed among numerous robust brands capitalizing on direct-to-consumer retail for enhanced profitability. For specialty brands like Nike, Canada Goose, and Lululemon, operating stores affords a complete product range and knowledgeable staff within a carefully curated retail setting.