Nike Revolution 7 for New Runners and Casual Wear

Revolution 7 toebox

The Nike Revolution 7 is an affordable shoe that offers a snug fit and stylish appearance. It is perfect for beginners in running, individuals seeking gym footwear, or even those in need of casual wear.

If you're a beginner in the world of running and looking for an affordable option, this is perfect for you. Ideal for distances up to 10K.

Not suitable for seasoned runners or individuals seeking to prepare for races longer than a 10K.

The Nike revolution 7 is a basic running shoe that does its job without any fancy features. It doesn't come with the newest technology and innovations available, but it is priced fairly.

I managed to purchase the shoe for nearly 50% off its original price of $70 during a promotional event on Nike's online platform. This offer may not be available at your nearby running store, but you can find it at retailers in your area.

Revolution 7 midsole

When you read the shoe's official description, you'll observe that it lacks any fancy named components.

Apart from Nike's environmentally friendly Move to Zero initiative, all components of the shoe are given generic names. While this may not be unfavorable, considering the affordable cost, you should not expect to receive cutting-edge shoe technology.

Upon initial inspection, I found it to be visually appealing. I possess numerous pairs of athletic footwear, yet few possess the aesthetic appeal suitable for everyday wear. These particular shoes, however, possess the versatility to be worn casually.

When I tied them up, I noticed how weightless they felt in my hands and on my feet. I appreciated their immediate flexibility and excellent fit.

During my initial 5-mile jog outdoors, I found these shoes to be both comfortable and lightweight. However, after approximately half an hour, I realized that the shoe's minimalistic design was actually causing me to feel more fatigued and achy than expected.

Revolution 7 upper

The upper part of the shoe is made from a breathable knitted material and features padded overlays near the heel and ankle. This material allows for good airflow and provides a comfortable fit. It easily conformed to the shape of my feet.

The front part of the shoe offers ample space for my toes, while the back part securely holds my heel. The size of the shoe was accurate, although it felt slightly narrow. However, it was not a major problem for me. If this is a concern, I would recommend trying a larger size, although I personally didn't find it necessary.

The way the lacing is done has some imperfections. Although the partially gusseted tongue is a good feature, it tends to detach from the upper part. As a result, the tongue frequently curls inward, leaving the top of my foot uncovered.

Although the heel provided a secure fit, I found the laces to be lacking in sufficient ankle support. It was rather disheartening to discover that there was no additional eyelet, which came as quite a surprise to me.

I don't frequently roll my ankles, so it wasn't a significant issue for me. However, I typically utilize a runner's knot. I was let down by the lack of an additional eyelet.

Revolution 7 outsole

The exterior of the shoe is adorned with numerous petite rubber lugs, which bestowed upon me ample grip in both wet and dry environments. I experienced a significant level of control during both landing and takeoff, making this feature a notable advantage of the shoe.

The midsole is made of a lightweight, generic EVA material. It lacks any additional features or fancy elements. Although it is pliable and has a soft texture, the experience of walking on it feels relatively solid.

I find it quite challenging to go beyond an hour in these shoes due to their simplistic design. Although they feel lightweight during my runs, the absence of adequate support significantly fatigues my legs.

While conducting my tests, I constantly reminded myself that this shoe is not ideal for my typical training purposes. However, I found them to be quite comfortable during my brief runs and I also enjoyed casually wearing them.

It's hard to find a better deal. The starting price of $70 is fantastic, and with some searching, you can discover it at an even lower cost.

Revolution 7 heel/outsole

They will definitely contribute to the motivation of beginner runners or those seeking a comfortable shoe for their workouts.

In the same vein, it is possible to discover a prior year's version at a comparable cost that boasts an abundance of advanced features and offers an enhanced user experience. If you are seeking an affordable footwear option, it may be more advantageous to pursue this alternative path.

Upon embarking on our running journey, we each possessed a pair of uncomplicated shoes that served as catalysts for our passion.

After my Nike Dunks left my feet covered in painful blisters, I decided to switch to a pair of affordable shoes meant for beginners. The Nike Revolution 7 gets the job done, but there are superior choices available.

  • Price: $70
  • Style:
  • Usage:
    • daily training
    • road running
    • casual wear
    • walk-runs
    • runnings under 10k
    • gym workouts
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