Under Armour Charged Assert 10: Versatile Shoes for Various Activities

Charged Assert 10 toebox

The Under Armour Charged Assert 10 is an affordable running shoe that caters to the requirements of many runners who cover short distance runnings. It offers excellent stability and sufficient comfort for runs under 6-7 miles. Additionally, it is versatile and suitable for everyday use in the gym, for walks, or for running errands in town.

If you incorporate cross training into your weekly running routine, this shoe is worth considering. It is versatile enough to handle your gym workouts, daily tasks, leisurely walks, casual and light runs without putting a strain on your budget. Even if you are an experienced runner seeking a shoe for your easier, shorter runs, this could be a valuable addition to your shoe collection.

If you're a runner seeking a shoe that can withstand tempo, speed, or long runs, this particular shoe is not equipped for any of those activities. If you frequently run distances exceeding 8 miles per day, this may not be the most optimal choice in terms of comfort.

The Under Armour Charged Assert 10 is an affordable running shoe that doesn't break the bank. It incorporates Charged Cushioning, which was once Under Armour's top-tier cushioning technology until they introduced HOVR™ and Flow in their more expensive models, such as our former reviewed UA HOVER Mega 3, UA HOVR Machine 3 and others.

However, it remains an incredibly resilient and long-lasting foam that offers sufficient cushioning to withstand the jolts of running.

This shoe is designed specifically for neutral runners seeking an affordable, cushioned option. It is ideal for individuals who primarily engage in 5k runs as part of their overall fitness routine, which may also involve activities such as going to the gym, participating in Crossfit, or taking walks.

The upper, midsole, and technology of the Charged Assert 9 appear to have undergone minimal changes when compared to its predecessor.

The available color options have been updated, allowing for a wider range of choices. The upper portion of the shoe remains constructed from a lightweight mesh material, while the midsole continues to feature the Charged Cushioning technology. The durable rubber outsole ensures a prolonged lifespan.

The weight of the shoe is 9.5 oz, making it a tad heavier than its predecessor, but it maintains the same 10mm heel drop.

This particular shoe is priced at $75.00, although it is commonly found at a reduced price on the website using different discount codes. This shoe continues to serve as a versatile footwear option.

Upon unboxing the shoe, my initial reaction was that it appeared quite chunky. Although it felt slightly weighty in my hands, its sturdy construction stood out prominently.

The shoe had a durable appearance and seemed capable of withstanding the test of time. I opted for the vibrant Red and Black color version, finding it to possess a fashionable allure.

Upon slipping my feet into these shoes, I immediately savored a sensation of comfort. The incorporation of an EVA sockliner within the shoe design ensures a pleasing level of comfort upon each step taken.

The shoe provided a strong sense of stability. I took it out for its maiden voyage on a 7-mile jog at a relaxed pace. I sensed a slight friction on the upper part of my big toes, but overall, the shoe performed well.

For the initial portion of their run, they experienced a satisfactory level of comfort. However, as they approached the five-mile mark, the absence of ample cushioning became evident.

Charged Assert 10 upper

The upper of the shoe is made of a pleasant mesh material with some synthetic leather overlays. The construction of the upper is sturdy and seems capable of enduring rough use. While the shoe is not highly breathable, it provides sufficient ventilation. However, if you find yourself in extremely hot weather, you may want to reconsider this shoe as it could potentially become uncomfortably warm. I have personally tested this shoe in milder to colder weather conditions and did not encounter any problems with breathability.

The shoelaces and tongue of this shoe are in excellent condition. Throughout all my runs, the laces remained securely fastened, even with single knots. The tongue is pleasantly soft and doesn't cause any significant obstruction.

I observed slight friction on the tip of my largest toe, although it primarily became noticeable after engaging in a run lasting longer than half an hour.

The shoe's sizing is accurate, and there are also wide width choices available in matching colors.

Charged Assert 10 outsole

Under Armour's uniquely developed Charged Cushioning serves as the midsole foam for the Charged Assert 10.

The foam used in these shoes isn't the most cushioned, and it may not withstand the impact of longer runs. However, it works perfectly well for runs that are 3-5 miles in length.

After completing a few of my shorter runs within that distance, I noticed that my legs were in good condition. I was so comfortable in the shoes that I decided to leave them on while running errands and taking an afternoon stroll with my dogs. The shoes performed admirably and fulfilled their purpose effectively.

The soft sensation is enhanced by the EVA sockliner in the shoe. In terms of cushioning, this shoe leans towards firm rather than soft. It doesn't provide a significant bounce or energy rebound.

Having worn these shoes for almost 60 miles, I can confidently say that it took some time for me to feel comfortable running in them beyond a mere 5 miles.

Following my first 7-mile run, I decided to reserve this shoe for runs of 5 miles or less. Recently, I pushed it to the limit with an 8-mile run, and it finally started to feel more comfortable. However, I wouldn't willingly choose this shoe for that distance again.

This means that certain individuals may need some time to adjust before feeling at ease running distances longer than 4-5 miles.

The heel drop is 10mm, with a heel stack of around 32mm and a forefoot stack of around 22mm. It is often considered to be more suitable for those who strike with their heels rather than their forefoot.

I tend to land on the middle of my foot when running, so the shoe didn't bother me much. However, it might have played a part in my perception that this shoe isn't ideal for slightly longer distances.

The shoe's outsole is constructed from a solid piece of rubber, encompassing all points of contact. It appears to have a greater thickness, suggesting enhanced coverage when compared to previous iterations. This could account for the shoe's slightly increased weight in comparison to its predecessor. The rubber's traction is excellent, effectively navigating wet surfaces, gravel inclines, and grassy terrain.

Similar to my assessment of the Assert 9, I believe this shoe is not suitable for individuals who run longer distances.

The shoe's padding and heaviness are not suitable for that specific group of people. I adored using this shoe during my weightlifting exercises and agility training sessions.

It proved to be very useful for me during my travels, allowing me to pack just one pair of shoes that could handle various activities such as strength training, running, walking, and exploring the town. Its design is truly versatile.

Charged Assert 10 midsole

This shoe is perfect for those seeking a versatile footwear option.

Although it may not be my top pick for long-distance running, it would definitely be an item I'd bring on my adventures if I only had to cover a short distance.

The shoe's price is perhaps its most attractive feature, which only cost $75.

This particular shoe will easily blend into my workout routine, seamlessly transitioning from my gym sessions to a light jog, whether it be for a warm-up or as an integral part of my exercise regimen.

  • Price: $75
  • Style: 3026175
  • Colors:
    • Black / High Vis Yellow
    • Black / White
    • Black / Blue Surf
    • Black / Red
    • Gravel / Lime Surge
    • Mod Gray / White
    • Steel / Atomic
    • Castlerock / Team Royal
    • Academy / White
    • Team Royal / White
    • Team Royal / White
  • Usage:
    • daily training
    • short distance running (under 6-7 miles)
    • gym workout
    • casual/leisure runs
  • Constructions & Features:
    • Lightweight, breathable mesh upper with synthetic overlays for added durability & support
    • EVA sockliner provides soft, step-in comfort
    • Charged Cushioning® midsole uses compression molded foam for ultimate responsiveness & durability
    • Solid rubber outsole covers high impact zones for greater durability with less weight
    • Heel drop: 10 mm
    • Weight: 9.5 oz
    • Lace type: standard
    • True to size
Charged Assert 10 quarter