Adidas Duramo 10: Short distance Running or Daily Training Shoes

Adidas Duramo 10 toebox/outsole
Adidas Duramo 10PriceReleaseStyleRetailer
- regular fit
- lace closure
- sandwich mesh upper
- no-sew overlays
- LIGHTMOTION cushioning
- rubber outsole
- upper contains 50% recycled materials

The adidas Duramo 10 is an affordable running shoe that provides foot protection and a touch of stability through its forefoot bevel, sturdy upper, and firm midsole. It flexes under pressure, ensuring comfort and style for both casual wear and an active lifestyle.

Comfortable, tongue protects top of footTraps heat
Moderately responsiveFirm midsole
Durable soleLow-moderate heel counter
Cute, basic color options
Adidas Duramo 10 lace guard

If you're a runner who covers short distances, like 1-4 miles, a few times a week, then the Duramo 10 is the perfect choice for you. Not only does it come at an affordable price of $30-70 USD on adidas online store, but it also offers a delightful running experience and is built to last, ensuring you get your money's worth. Additionally, it is versatile enough to be used in the weight room or for other activities.

If you are looking for a shoe that provides stability in the middle of your foot during footplant and offers ample cushioning for long runs, it is not advisable to opt for this choice solely to save a few dollars. Additionally, if you typically find yourself in hot or humid surroundings, this shoe may not provide enough breathability to ensure your comfort.

Adidas Duramo 10 collar lining

Duramo, derived from a Latin term signifying durability, resilience, longevity, and endurance, aptly represents this footwear. True to its name, this shoe boasts a sturdy midsole, rubber outsole, and an upper made from 50% recycled material mesh, all of which maintain their shape and integrity over time.

Duramo's weight is not specified, however, it falls within the average range. In comparison, my size 10 ASICS GT-2000 11 weighs 9.8 oz, which is equivalent to the weight of a size 9.5 Duramo.

Adidas presents Duramo, the perfect solution for runners seeking a shoe that offers both comfort and durability. This reliable option eliminates the need for experimenting with unproven foams and shoe designs. Priced at $30-70 USD, Duramo also provides ample opportunities for discounted purchases.

Adidas Duramo 10 heel cap

The shoe in question rivals other popular models such as the ASICS Gel Excite 10, ASICS Gel Contend 9, Nike Downshifter 12, New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi v4, Saucony Cohesion 16, and Reebok Ahary.

Unboxing this shoe revealed a delightful blend of simplicity and charm. Remarkably, despite its $30-70 price tag, it offers a range of black, gray, and white options, along with two-tone blue and red choices for men, and an array of colorways for women.

During my stroll and initial jog with the Duramo 10, I experienced a solid underfoot sensation that was simultaneously straightforward and safeguarding. Its simplicity was truly invigorating.

As I age, my running preferences evolve. For distances exceeding 4 miles, I find myself in need of a cushion that offers a gentler touch. However, when it comes to shorter runs ranging from 1 to 4 miles, I derive great pleasure from the firm and responsive feel of the Duramo 10.

Duramo 10 exudes a sense of comfort that stems from its tried and tested nature.

Adidas Duramo 10 upper

The upper provides a comfortable and secure fit, while also being environmentally friendly. Constructed from a mesh material that contains at least 50% recycled textiles. Warmth can be felt.

The lace holes receive excellent protection, as the end holes are covered by a material resembling suede, while the lace holes up to the ankle are fortified with sturdy plastic.

The foot is fairly well shielded from tight laces by the tongue, which tends to bunch up near where it is tied but can be easily readjusted.

Adidas Duramo 10 laces

The front part of the shoe is adorned with a circular strip decal, but it lacks reinforcement at the tip. This particular area of the shoe may be the least durable, despite the overall resilience of the shoe.

For an added layer of durability, a recommendation is to apply a strip of duct tape on the inner part of the shoe, specifically where the toes are prone to breaking through.

The size of these shoes is accurate, with a medium width that fits well from the heel to the midfoot. However, it may feel slightly snug in the forefoot, although it does become more comfortable after wearing them for around 15 miles.

The heel counter in the shoe is positioned towards the back and serves to prevent excessive side-to-side movement. It is of moderate quality and effectiveness, along with the firm cushioning, which makes this shoe suitable for shorter distances running according to my assessment.

Wide width is an option for this particular shoe.

Adidas Duramo 10 sole units

The Duramo 10 features a LIGHTMOTION midsole that spans the entire length of the shoe and provides a firm level of cushioning.

The LIGHTMOTION midsole offers enhanced durability against pressure compared to the LIGHTSTRIKE material from the same brand. It requires a greater amount of force to create an indentation on the side when applying pressure on the foam. In contrast, the LIGHTMOTION foam is gentler in texture compared to ASICS' FLYTEFOAM.

LIGHTMOTION offers a sturdy and moderately reactive sensation when stepped on. In contrast to certain more pliable materials, it is improbable to develop excessive folds or wrinkles over the course of time.

Adidas Duramo 10 sole

The experience of the ride is pleasantly uncomplicated in certain aspects: it offers a good sense of the ground beneath, with no unnecessary cushioning from the foam. Though it may appear slightly rigid, it remains overall enjoyable.

This shoe, with its secure upper, delivers a comfortable experience that doesn't draw attention to itself, whether in a negative or positive way.

Providing inherent stability against excessive pronation, a sole that curves outward beneath the toebox on the inner side of the foot offers a natural safeguard.

Adidas Duramo 10 quarter

The Lightstrike SL and Gel-DS Trainer 26 share similarities in terms of their midsole thickness, utilizing the LIGHTSTRIKE and FLYTEFOAM materials mentioned earlier. These shoes, however, distinguish themselves from the Duramo 10 by being not only lighter and more breathable but also more expensive.

Duramo's weight is partially attributed to its inclusion of a solid rubber outsole that extends the full length of the shoe, without the addition of a diamond-shaped cut-out in the middle. In contrast to the Duramo 9, this updated version boasts a more intricate and finely textured pattern on its outsole, which enhances its overall durability.

Adidas Duramo 10 quarter

The heel-to-toe drop is not explicitly mentioned, however it gives the sensation of being approximately 10 millimeters.

Adidas Duramo 10 heel counter

The Duramo 10 offers a fantastic opportunity to enhance your running experience with its exceptional blend of comfort, traction, and long-lasting quality.

This shoe offers a straightforward and efficient ride, completing the task without any objections.

The shoe is designed for runs that are no longer than 4 miles, as it has a heel counter that offers moderate support and a midsole that provides a firm feel. Additionally, it can also be used as a versatile shoe for various activities in the weight room.

Adidas Duramo 10 quarter

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