adidas Predator Elite Soft Ground Football Boots

Predator Elite-white
  • Price: $120 (free shipping worldwide)
  • Colors: white/black/green/volt/solar red
  • Size: 36~45
  • SKU: IG7782
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Adidas Predator Elite Soft Ground are laceless football boots. We provide 5 color styles for you. All of them are the best quality replica football shoes.

For those looking for a comfortable and high-performing football shoe, the adidas Predator Elite Soft Ground is the perfect option. These shoes are designed with laceless construction, which not only adds to their sleek and stylish appearance but also provides a snug and secure fit for the wearer.

The HybridTouch 2.0 upper with Strikeskin elements is another feature that sets these shoes apart from the rest. The combination of these materials creates a lightweight and breathable upper that allows for maximum ball control and accuracy. Additionally, the adidas PRIMEKNIT collar adds an extra layer of support and comfort around the ankle, which is especially important for players who engage in quick and sudden movements on the field.

One of the standout features of these shoes is the Controlframe 2.0 soft ground outsole. This outsole is specifically designed to provide excellent traction on soft and muddy surfaces, making it the perfect shoe for players who often play in these conditions. The removable studs also come with a stud key, allowing for easy customization and adjustment based on the player's preferences and playing conditions.

Overall, the adidas Predator Elite Soft Ground shoes are a top-of-the-line option for football players who value comfort, performance, and style. And for those who appreciate a clean and classic look, the all-white version of these shoes is a must-have. Whether you're a professional athlete or a casual player, these shoes are sure to elevate your game and help you perform at your best.

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