Under Armour HOVR Machina 3 Clone Detailed Review

UA Machina 3 Clone - toebox

The Under Armour HOVR Machina 3 Clone serves as a reliable everyday running shoe. While it may not impress in any specific aspect, it possesses versatility and competence across various functionalities.

This shoe is suitable for people of all backgrounds. It is friendly to beginners but also a worthy addition to the collection of experienced runners.

The Machina 3 Clones offer a moderate level of cushioning and are designed for those who prefer a neutral shoe. However, individuals seeking maximum stability and support, as well as those in search of a lightweight, agile racing shoe, should consider other options.

UA Machina 3 Clone - quarter

At a weight of 11.7 oz, this shoe is ideal for neutral runners who value adaptability. It features an 8mm heel-toe drop, with the toe measuring 25mm and the heel standing at 33mm. The Machina 3s have undergone a redesign from their previous version, while still incorporating UA’s well-liked HOVR midsole.

The Machina 3s are priced at $150($128 after discount currently), matching the cost of previous versions. However, in my opinion, the price of these shoes is slightly too high considering their features and benefits.

The Machina 3s offer a ride that is comparable to the Nike Pegasus 40. However, they weigh nearly one ounce more.

Upon my initial examination of these shoes, two thoughts immediately crossed my mind. Firstly, the colors of the shoes were strikingly distinctive and appealing. The shoe combines 'Olive Tint / Dark Tangerine / Metallic Green Grit' colorways. It is worth mentioning that Under Armour, the brand behind these shoes, originated in Baltimore, Maryland and remains headquartered there to this day. Secondly, I couldn't help but express my dismay towards the upper material of the shoes. I find it difficult to comprehend the decision-making process behind its selection, but I shall refrain from dwelling on this matter.

Upon trying them on, I found them to be rather cozy. The size 11s fit perfectly and the width felt typical for a running shoe. The lacing system was particularly appealing as it was effortless to lace up and I could swiftly and consistently secure them every time I wore them.

Uncertain about the shoes, I decided to start with a relaxed 5k run. Surprisingly, they had a familiar sensation. Curiously, it took a couple more runs to determine if I truly enjoyed wearing these shoes. They didn't completely amaze me, yet I also didn't feel any reluctance in putting them on again.

UA Machina 3 Clone - upper

The design is the foremost and most apparent aspect to discuss. The utilization of the UA Clone material for the shoe is quite peculiar. According to UA, it has the ability to stretch and conform to the unique stride of each individual. While this assertion may hold true, there exist numerous other upper materials that could offer the same advantage while greatly enhancing the shoe's aesthetic appeal.

In addition to its appearance, I found the upper to have a regular width and to fit accurately in size. The Clone fabric had elasticity and provided support, enveloping my feet for a pleasant and enjoyable journey.

I managed to consistently tie the shoelaces with precision, ensuring a secure hold on the heels. There was no movement, discomfort, or friction from any part of the shoe, preventing the occurrence of blisters.

The Clone upper does not offer great breathability. If you reside in hotter regions, I would suggest avoiding them. Although I conducted most of my testing during the winter, I still experienced perspiration on my feet.

UA Machina 3 Clone - sole units

For several years, UA has incorporated HOVR technology into their running shoes. This technology, described as cushioning that lessens impact, restores energy, and aids in propulsion, has been a noticeable game-changer. The midsole foam differs in firmness between the heel and the forefoot/toe. The heel is designed to be soft and forgiving, providing runners with a gentle landing. On the other hand, the forefoot and toe are firmer, assisting in a smoother gait cycle.

The sturdy rubber materials used for the outsole of the Machina 3s were designed to withstand long periods of use. This quality also contributed to the above average grip that these shoes provide. I have tested them in both dry and wet conditions, and they performed admirably, ensuring a firm grip with every step on the road.

The experience of wearing these shoes was fairly ordinary. I was not able to describe it as effortless and seamless, which was quite disappointing.

While I had no trouble with short distance runs, the longer runnings proved to be less pleasant, requiring me to pay extra attention to my running technique in order to prevent any discomfort during and after my runs.

Under Armour has room for improvement when it comes to enhancing this aspect in their future shoe designs.

At first, I wasn't particularly fond of the appearance or texture of this shoe. However, as I continued to use them for running, I found myself increasingly appreciating their comfortable and long-lasting performance. These shoes are ideal for colder weather and will endure many miles of use.

I am curious to witness the advancements Under Armour makes to enhance the Machina collection in the coming years.

  • Price: $150 ($128 after discount)
  • Style: 3026729 (Under Armour)
  • Usage:
    • daily training
    • short distance running
  • Constructions & Features:
    • UA Clone auxetic upper stretches & adapts to your foot shape & stride for a custom 1:1 fit & smoother ride
    • Aerodynamic heel design & external TPU heel wrap for added support & lockdown fit
    • Molded EVA sockliner provides added comfort, resiliency & cushioning for high-mileage performance
    • Responsive UA HOVR™ cushioning reduces impact, returns energy & helps propel you forward
    • Combination of carbon rubber & blown rubber in the outsole for strategic durability & lightweight rebound
    • Heel drop: 8mm
    • Weight: 11.7 oz
    • Lace type: Standard tie
    • True to size
    • NEUTRAL: For runners who need flexibility, cushioning & versatility
UA Machina 3 Clone - outsole/heel